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Private consultant obstetrician at Queen Charlotte’s

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Racha3l1 Thu 21-Feb-19 08:47:38

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any experience of the consultants at Queen charlotte’s? Prof Phillip Bennett delivered my last baby in 2017 and he has recently retired so I am trying to choose someone else from the current list.

I encountered dr Ekechi when I had an ectopic scare last year and although she was professional I wouldn’t chose her (she seemed a bit jaded and unsympathetic - these events might be routine for her but for me it was quite scary) to deliver my baby.

I have looked into Dr Karen Joash and Dr Muna Noori (I would prefer a female consultant but prof Bennett was good so I am not entirely limited by gender).

Does anyone have any recent experiences of the consultants at Queen Charlotte’s?

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KittyKrauss Thu 09-May-19 17:29:39

Hi Racha3l1
I haven’t experienced Queen Charlottes but Karen Joash delivered both my children and is absolutely amazing. Really warm, very patient and really looks after you. I couldn’t recommend her more.

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