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Inductions for 2nd babies, and pre-term inductions - your experiences sought

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treacletart Thu 05-Jul-07 19:06:30

I'm due 13th August with no2. DS was a very fast unplanned home birth and although I'd have loved a home birth this time, I can't because 3 weeks after DS's birth I had lung clots so I need to be in hospital in case I keel over minutes after giving birth (not that likely, but possible). Anyway, to make sure I'm in the right place at the right time I'm going to be induced and they'll be checking for a "favourable" cervix from 37weeks. I know that half 1st timer inductions end in Caesarians but my consultant tells me they're normally much more succesful for subsequent births. Is this your experience? Also, am I right to be wary of an early induction? DS was a week "late" and I'm scared of trying to force this one out before she's ready.

mrsdarcy Thu 05-Jul-07 20:00:39

I was induced at 38 weeks with DD (my 3rd child). I was also induced with my first at 41 weeks, and I went into labour spontaneously with my 2nd so have something to compare against.

The induction was much easier with DD than with DS1. I had a sweep a couple of days before being induced and when I was actually induced I think I needed 2 (or 3?) doses of prostin before things got going. After that it was pretty much what I'd call a normal labour: gradual build-up of contractions etc.

The only real downside was that they were keener on sticking to their protocols than they would have been with a spontaneous labour, so when I was 6cm dilated and doing just fine, they wanted to break my waters as I had reached some kind of time limit. There really wasn't any need for it and I wish I had declined.

Looking back, I think the midwife was trying to give me signals encouraging me to decline but I didn't pick up on them. Once they broke my waters my labour became too fast and furious for comfort and I went from 6cm to delivery in about 30 minutes, and completely lost the plot. There wasn't time for any pain relief stronger than gas & air.

So yes, the induced labour was fine but it's worth having a good birth partner or doula who is aware of these sort of considerations.


Trimum2 Thu 05-Jul-07 22:25:02

My doctor had been making similar noises about taking me in ahead of time for DS2. But am now a week overdue!

I think that he would have induced ahead of time if it just needed a nudge, but things haven't been ready at all and so it hasnt seemed keen on forcing it. Obviously, the cervix hasnt been "favourable" so far and would require too much intervention to get things going. I think they do take that into account...

calordan Thu 05-Jul-07 22:30:09

Was induced with dd2, was very anxious wanted to do the whole drive to hospital in the middle of the night but the experience was amazing. dd1 was safely taken care of so could relax, had breakfast and cup of tea and then waters broken, felt completley in control, had the time to talk to midwife clearly before it all kicked off and had none of the horredous panic feelings i felt with dd1, wouldnt change it at all now

Nemo2007 Thu 05-Jul-07 22:30:31

I have had all 3 of mine by induction. DS was 14days over but came 15 days over. DD1 was on day before due date but born on due date. DD2 I was 38wks All of their inductions were very similair and never had a c section. Was threatened with DD1 but thats because they thought she was over 10lb and trapped but in reality she was 6lb14 and bobbing in and out like a yoyo.

margosbeenplayingwithmynoonoo Thu 05-Jul-07 22:33:44

2 x inductions at 38 weeks

1 ventouse and 1 non intervention.

both births were okay

Olihan Thu 05-Jul-07 22:35:55

I can't help with early inductions but I was induced with my 2nd as she was 12 days late and 5 sweeps hadn't got things going. I had 1 dose of prostin gel at 10am, first contraction at 5pm, waters broken at 6pm and she was born at 8pm.

I was continuously monitored and they did break my waters for me for some reason. Looking back, I don't know why as contractions were already coming thick and fast but it didn't make a difference at the time.

I didn't have any slow build up, my first contraction was incredibly strong and they were 5 mins apart from the beginning but I don't know if that was because of the induction or not. My cervix was definitely favourable and I'm sure that makes the process much easier for everyone.

Good luck!

cane Thu 05-Jul-07 22:49:28

ah, I was induced with dd2 at 38 weeks due to an appalling rash - was wonderful - had someone prepared to take care of dd1. dd2 was born in 1 hr 45 mins. fabulous. Wondering if I can do the same with potential baby 3!

treacletart Fri 06-Jul-07 15:41:55

Thanks for all the positive induction stories! Any more?

toadstool Fri 06-Jul-07 19:31:17

Induced at 38 weeks. It was OK - full labour within an hour, 11 hour labour overall (1st baby). I had G and A for about 4 hours, then an epidural to cover the next 4 hours (topped up when I was nearly at the pushing stage, a mistake on my part), and a ventouse delivery, probably because of the epidural.

hana Fri 06-Jul-07 19:34:01

there are quite a few threads on induction - do a search, lots of good labours written about!

I was incuded at 36 weeks with dd3 and it was awful - started on a monday am and she wasn't born until thursday morning. The actual labour was fine once it was established, but it just wasn't working - 36 weeks was too early and she wasn't ready to be born! I eventually had to have my waters broken in the wee hours of Thursday morning and she was out a few hours later.

oooggs Fri 06-Jul-07 19:36:05

I was induced at 38 weeks with dt's (nos. 2&3) and it was great would recommend induction to anyway, but did have an epidural. Both born naturally and huge.

treacletart Fri 06-Jul-07 20:33:27

I think my big worry is that ideally i'd have liked as little intervention and as active a birth as possible - or, alternatively, every form of pain relief possible. They've told me that epidurals are contraindicated with the blood thinning drugs I've been taking so I feel like I could well end up with the worst of both worlds. I'm just praying I get to use the birthing pool - they've only the one at our hospital so I have visions of dragging some poor other woman out by the hair!

hana Fri 06-Jul-07 20:41:05

I was continually monitored but still had a pretty active birth - I used a birthing ball, walking around the bed, leaned on the bed, etc etc. did end up with epidural, but at very late stages, was only in for about 20 min before she was born

divastrop Fri 06-Jul-07 20:51:26

hi,havent read all the thread,but i was induced at 39+4 with my first due to PE,and at 38 weeks with my 2nd,3rd and 4th due to first induction was very hard work,i gave birth vaginally but was in labour for a long time and ended up with the drip etc.

my second was alot easier and faster,i went into labour after the first pessary.i did give birth lying down and strapped to the monitor,but it was nearly 9 years ago and things have changed since then.

i had the drip with 3,4+5(was induced at 39 weeks with no.5)but they were all very fast,very easy deliveries with just G+A.had to be monitored while the drip was in but they let me move around when i wanted and gave birth on my knees each time.

divastrop Fri 06-Jul-07 20:54:25

oh,and i had every form of pain relief going with ds1,apart from an epidural,and i had pethidine with dd1,and i can honestly say that G+A was better than anything else.there are loads of threads on pain relief as well.

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