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Anyone know if my baby will go straight to SCBU?

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metsa Sun 17-Feb-19 17:26:31

I'm currently 35+6, and the plan is to deliver my baby by c section on Wednesday, when I'll be 36+2. My baby stopped growing at 32 weeks, according to a scan on Feb 8th, and her weight at that point was estimated at 4lbs. I'll be having another scan on Tuesday to confirm things, and see if she has grown any since then. If she hasn't, and the section goes ahead as planned, does anyone know if she'll be taken straight to SCBU, or will I get to see and hold her? I have GDM, but I have had steroid injections. I know a lot will depend on how well she is when she is born, but just wondered if anyone else who has had babies at this stage could offer opinions.

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FraterculaArctica Sun 17-Feb-19 17:30:46

Will depend on weight and how well she is, I think. My DD was born at 35+2 (though median weight for that gestation, 5 lb 11) and didn't go to SCBU at all.

billybagpuss Sun 17-Feb-19 17:34:41

Disclaimer this was 22 years ago things may have changed.

My DD was born at 35 weeks, she was emergency section and had also stopped growing. She weighed 2 lb 9 the midwife held her up said here’s your baby and ran one direction with her and another with me, then cam back with a Polaroid of her which I still have. She was absolutely fine.

Your section is planned, 4 lbs although small is still an ok weight. They will I’m sure take her to SCBU for a check but unless there are any complications I hope you be able to keep baby with you. They want to be able to but they will do what’s best.

Good luck hope all goes well. 💐

GookledyGobb Sun 17-Feb-19 18:02:57

I think they’ll have the neonatal team in the room. You’ll be shown the baby and then the team in the room will check her over in a neonatal cot/incubator. If they’re comfortable that she’s ok she may be able to stay with you. If she needs oxygen/help with breathing or anything else they’ll take her to SCBU or NICU. I’d expect you’ll be briefed on all of this before your section so you’ll have a chance to ask questions. You will want to make a decision about whether your birth partner stays with you while they stitch you up or goes with the baby.

Lionmiaow Mon 18-Feb-19 17:12:33

My first was born at 36+3, he weighed 4lb 14oz (2.2kgs) and was deemed big enough to not go to SCBU. 200g over the official 'straight there' policy in the hospital we were at. He had a bit of help breathing at first, and needed some formula to get him going straight after birth, I had GD and he failed his sugar tests, so was given preemie formula to boost him a bit.

If there is a possibility the baby will go there, please do go and visit, we sadly ended up there a week later as he lost too much weight (ended up about 4.5lb on day 7) and was found to have jaundice too. It was an amazing place and the staff there were incredible, they really helped us to get him going, and although he's still on the 2nd percentile at 19months, he eats like a beast! The benefit of going into SCBU for us, was that looking after a 4lb baby is very different from looking after an 8lb baby, and there was no support for that in the normal post-natal ward and as a FTM, I stupidly had no clue!

Good luck with the baby arriving, I'm sure they'll do great whatever the start!

IndianaMoleWoman Mon 18-Feb-19 17:20:46

My first was born at 34 weeks and weighed 5lb. The nicu team were there when she was born and assessed her but she didn’t need to go to NICU and we went straight to the post-natal ward together.

Good luck OP flowers

Weetabixandshreddies Mon 18-Feb-19 17:28:56

It will depend on how baby is. My son was born at 35+5 by C section due to pre eclampsia. He was taken straight to SCBU because he had breathing difficulties. Another baby born on the same day at 35 + 2 didn't need special care and was with mum on the ward. No one was able to predict it before hand.

Hopefully over 36 weeks baby won't need special care.

Notquiteagandt Mon 18-Feb-19 18:01:22

I had an emergancy section (5 mins from calling it to delivery!) and on the way out the room a mw grabbed my phone. I came around to photos on my phone of the baby and photos of the baby having a quick bit of skin to skin. She then got rushed off to scbu as was having difficulty breathing as well as other issues. By the time I came around about 3 hrs later I was greated by a mw holding baby and introducing us.

It was an emergancy situation and they still took time to let me hold baby even though I was unconcious etc.

Although its a little differant and depends on how baby is when they are born. I imagine they will do all they can to let you hold them.

gubbsywubbsy Mon 18-Feb-19 18:11:54

My son was born at 33 weeks . They offered me to hold him but I said no and to take him straight to scbu. I didn't want to waste time getting him checked while I help him in case time may have been an issue later on.
I would let them go to scbu straight away and go and see them there .

SparkyBlue Mon 18-Feb-19 22:19:17

I had one baby at 35 weeks and she was absolutely fine. Tiny but no problems at all. Her brother born at 34 weeks was weaker and needed to go to the nicu for two weeks. They were both identical birth weights so it really depends on the baby. Either way I am sure you will be well looked after and please don't be upset if the baby needs some special care. In some cases they may only need to stay there for a day or two and I would advise you take that time to rest and recover from the birth. Very best of luck.

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