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Signs that labour is near

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CB0503 Thu 14-Feb-19 14:38:12

I am currently 37+ weeks on Saturday 9th Feb i believe i experienced my first braxton hicks, slight cramping in my stomach followed by tensing in my stomach. My baby has been head down for the last 10 weeks and i can feel him pushing down which is causing very bad pelvis pain while sleeping.

I have now had very loose stool since Sunday 10th (4 days) which i have read on another thread could be my body getting ready for labour.

I was born 3 weeks early myself and was advised by my midwife that this can be passed down due to genetics and could mean that i am at a higher risk of having my little one early as well?

Could anyone advise if this could be the start of my body preparing for labour or if you have experienced anything like this?

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4littlefleas Thu 14-Feb-19 20:40:46

I wouldn't say it's early, as you're technically full term. (37 - 40 weeks) Just earlier than the maximum you can go.
Not sure who told you it was hereditary, as it's not; but the emptying of bowels (especially at your stage) wouldn't surprise me if you were going to go into labour soon. smile If you're a ftm, then babies will lock into place and it could take a while. When babies lock into place/engage with subsequent children, it usually says that you're heading in the direction of labour pretty soon. smile I have had 3 bubs, about to have my fourth, and each time it's been quicker, and labour pains have been less noticeable up until true labour starts. Goodluck! It definitely sounds to me like you are progressing, and will be there very soon.

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