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Planned csection

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Zmhs Wed 13-Feb-19 10:36:35

Hi just a quick question, I’m booked for an elective csection the day of my due date 25th feb. Iv been having signs of labour for weeks now and am worried I won’t last out til my due date, as my csection isn’t classed as medical reason and is down for maternal reasons will they just let me labour if I start natuarally ?

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Yakadee Wed 13-Feb-19 11:10:34

It's up to you (I think). I had mine 2 weeks ago as planned however they did say if I started on my own, that I could still have one but to get to hospital asap. I'd maybe talk to your midwife x

Dinosauratemydaffodils Wed 13-Feb-19 11:38:11

I went into labour before my planned section. Once I was sure I was in labour, I phoned up (possibly overselling the distance to hospital) and they said come in. I was asked repeatedly what I wanted to do and they did tell me I was "low" priority because both baby and I were fine but they reviewed what else was happening and delivered my dd at 6 am in a semi emergency/semi elective c-section.

I think if they have agreed, it's hard to give a blanket no just because you are in labour. My consultant told me the only grounds they would have for saying no if I turned up in labour was if I was almost fully dilated or if I got fully dilated whilst waiting for them to deal with any emergencies.

Is this your first baby?

Zmhs Thu 14-Feb-19 13:32:26

Ah right ok. No 3rd baby. Other 2 were delivered naturally

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