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Quick second birth?

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Kez99xo Tue 12-Feb-19 18:47:10

I had a very fast intense first labour my waters broke around 9am wasnt having any pains for a few hours then all of a sudden started having intense contractions got to the hosp at 1pm & had him at 1:28pm. Just wondering anyone who had fast labours did ur second go the same or was it longer? Shitting myself tbh aha !

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Ifonlybatshadhats Tue 12-Feb-19 18:58:44

3 hours active labour with my first and 7 mins with my second! Got to the hospital 4cm dilated and all of a sudden my waters broke and ds2 was born before I even got to the delivery suite! Just get to the hospital as soon as you think things are starting and you will hopefully be ok. With both of mine triage thought I wasn't having proper contractions as I could talk through them, with my second I even made ds1 his tea before I set off to the hospital! I'm glad I trusted my own instincts and went in anyway. Sorry I couldn't be more reassuring and tell you about a longer second labour!

Waggily Sat 16-Feb-19 17:58:49

My first was 5 hours, second about 2. Let your midwife know and head to the hospital as soon as possible. By any chance are you A+, apparently women with this blood type are more likely to have precipitate labours.

3babyxx Sat 16-Feb-19 19:50:11

1st 3 hours
2nd 15 mins
3rd 2 hours but would've been less if midwife listened to me 😩

SiblingDifference Sat 16-Feb-19 20:25:14

First 36hr

Second 20 min

bobstersmum Sat 16-Feb-19 20:28:03

All mine were fast, third I got to hospital in plenty time with mild contractions and was 3cm, had my baby less than 30 mins later.

widgetbeana Sat 16-Feb-19 20:31:07

1st - 3hours
2nd - 55 minutes

Have it written in your notes clearly that you labour quickly. That way when you phone up they will take you seriously!

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