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Private CSs - can you arrange this just for delivery or do you have to sign up for whole pregnancy?

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Furzella Wed 04-Jul-07 15:35:32

I've had 2 emergency CSs with dds and we are thinking about trying for number 3 (dc not CS!). I know next time I will need an elective CS and am comfortable with this. However, I've had such grim experiences of NHS hospitals and particularly post-natal care that I'm thinking about going private if I get pregnant again. As I've had totally straightforward pregnancies, I'm not really bothered about fancy ante-natal care. It's just the delivery itself I would like to do privately. I'd probably choose a private unit within a major NHS hospital (like St Thomas's where I had dd2 - surgery great, but after-care hell on legs). All the packages I'm looking at seem to include full ante-natal care. Does anyone know if you can just go for a private delivery (obviously meeting the consultant beforehand!) but have most of your routine ante-natal stuff on the NHS?

Ladymuck Wed 04-Jul-07 15:36:38

Presumably if you make your decision about having a private delivery fairly late on in the pg?

Furzella Wed 04-Jul-07 15:44:15

I'm a bit worried that if I leave it late, the beds will be booked up by organised types! From other threads on private CSs, it seems as though people book in at conception practically!

lulumama Wed 04-Jul-07 16:00:46

I believe there is such a demand for private care, that you need to book can choose a different NHS hospital from the one you have had your other babies in.....

why not contact the particular unit you have in mind and ask them?

Yanka Fri 06-Jul-07 16:58:49

I had an elective CS at Lindo Wing of St. Mary's - on my first visit they gave me the options of full private care (the whole works) or shared care (ante-natal on NHS and delivery privately).
The operation itself was a pretty good experience and the post-delivery care there was wonderful (essentially the most expensive hotel I have ever stayed in

My friend did the shared care option at St. Mary's - I think she only booked around 20th week

miniegg Fri 06-Jul-07 20:55:26

definitely book it early. i made inquiries about the private unit at the chelsea and westminster when i was about five months pregnant and they practically burst out laughing..that was back in early May; i am due in July and the unit was booked up until november! some yummy mummies must book before they've even had their 12 week scans!

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