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How hard is requesting an elective C-section

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Kaiya Thu 24-Jan-19 11:11:36

Im pregnant with my second child and now at 20 weeks and beginning to become nervous about my appointments, most notably my one to confirm the elective C-Section

Bit of history to explain
So i suffer from Endometreosis and have had 2 surgeries on this. During my last surgery there was a lot of damage that needed repairing and i was informed i would struggle to conceive and should i manage, that a virginal birth is dangerous. I cant remember the full reason, they gave me the debrief when i was coming around from General anaesthetic, but it was something to do with scar tissue, damage to tubes and risk of hysterectomy.

10 year ago i had my first child. During my appointments with the midwife i informed them of my medical history and at first all was fine. At 24 weeks they suddenly declined my elective C-section stating they could not find the records of my previous surgeries. I have scars from these operations, they most definitely took place, but they kept saying without record it didnt. I gave them all my information, i called the hospital that did the surgery, my old doctors etc to find the records and finally they found proof that the both ops took place but only the records of the first ones outcomes. They still refused the C-section stating they had no proof the second op was a risk. My mum attended appointments, she was witness to what the doctors had told me and also stated they were clear NO virginal birth.
I was fighting with them up until 1 week prior to the due date, when they finally acknowledged that without the second op records they could not really make an informed assessment of the risk and i had an c-section the next day.
I was terrified all they way up until that day fighting to get what i was told was medically needed by the doctor who did the operations on me.

Im now pregnant again and we are at the point of needing to agree on the elective C-section. I am aware my records of the second op are STILL missing but it is at least showing as having taken place.
I worried that once again i will be faced with a fight in order to get what has been stated as medically required but with the details of why lost.

Anyone got any advice on how to get this done without a fight? This pregnancy has been hard and stressful as it is, due to being on high alert from other risks (all now clear)

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MonkeyToucher Thu 24-Jan-19 14:15:28

I’m no expert having never had one, but I thought that if you’d had a c-section once you were automatically entitled to one for subsequent births (regardless of other underlying medical issues or not)? Hopefully someone can confirm.

Can I also just say it sounds like you were treated appallingly last time and I hope you complained! Fingers crossed this time is more straight forward for you!

Yakadee Fri 25-Jan-19 06:31:59

My section is a planned one and it's because I requested it based on my first labour experience (long story, wasn't good, lost lots of blood, very long recovery etc), I honestly didn't need to fight for it whatsoever. I did a lot of research before (just so I knew my rights) and after all that they were just like, 'OK, no problem, I totally understand why you would choose this '.

I'd recommend looking at nice guidelines online and also the NHS.

I also thought if you'd had a previous section it would be offered to you but I didn't have one first time around so can't be sure.

Good luck, I hope you get what you want and all goes well x

HoustonBess Fri 25-Jan-19 10:12:37

Check the NICE guidelines. I think even without a previous C-section you're entitled to request one, they might try to dissuade you and make you jump through hoops like seeing a few specialists, but stick to your guns and they will let you in the end.

I'm pregnant with a second one, had c-section last time and the consultant just said I could decide if I wanted an elective or not as the risks were fairly evenly balanced for VBAC or c-section. I'd imagine with a surgical history like yours they'd be more likely to agree CS is the way to go.

Good luck! Don't let this spoil your pregnancy! smile

Daisy2990 Sat 26-Jan-19 00:20:37

I was pushed towards VBAC by a registrar at 12 weeks, I just said no.
We would like you to try it - no.
We would like you to think about it- no.

I had an emergency after failure to progress post induction and was treated so badly - same stuff you see on here all the time - left to fend for myself, people putting their hands in places I'd asked them not to and so on.

I was told I would get a date at 36 weeks. I needed to know sooner so I booked my own consultant appointment for 32 weeks and got the date. The consultant didn't even ask why.

Remember if they refuse you can shop around for another consultant who will help. I know it's easier said than done, but stand firm.

Lindorballs Sat 26-Jan-19 00:25:05

I had two elcs first for a breech. Second time I was offered total choice vbac or ELCS. I had three appointments to discuss it.
Honest discussion about pros and cons of both options. Totally up to me to decide.
I read lots of negative experiences of people having to fight for CS on here but honestly my experience was nothing like that. You may find that having had one CS already your previous history is less relevant now. I hope it goes smoothly for you.

Boobahs Sat 26-Jan-19 00:43:48

I am 23+1 with my second child and am under a different hospital to where I had my first.
I had a failed 5 day induction with him, resulting in a EMCS so I asked for an elective CS straight away. I was fully expecting a fight especially as they wouldn't know my history, but the two consultants that I've seen so far have been very reasonable about it! I've agreed to attend a VBAC clinic as that's their policy, but it won't change my mind. The only flu in the ointment is that a positive result of my upcoming GTT will result in changing consultant, so I hope they will be as understanding!

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