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Am i in labour?

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ZOEand Thu 17-Jan-19 22:11:10

I have been getting pressure in pelvis and sudden twinges in my pelvis randomly and urge to wee. I have been getting burning dull pain in my lower back around tail bone, and very uncomfortable sudden sharp pains in my bum when I sit in certain positions. The burning pain my my back is worsening... And I also I had dioreah yesterday.

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BumbleBerries Thu 17-Jan-19 22:14:31

Sounds like early labour, although might not be.
Could be hours or days though, so knowing doesn't help much.

ZOEand Thu 17-Jan-19 22:15:37

What does early labour mean. I am only 35 weeks. What should I do

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Girliefriendlikesflowers Thu 17-Jan-19 22:17:00

Could be anything, possibly a uti not labour! You need to speak to a midwife.

ZOEand Thu 17-Jan-19 22:18:21

I don't think it's a UTI. I know what they feel like.

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spugzbunny Thu 17-Jan-19 22:28:49

It just sounds like the head is engaged to me but call your midwife tomorrow and ask. If things get a lot worse over night then call the maternity ward in your notes.

ZOEand Thu 17-Jan-19 22:37:50

Okay so I shouldn't panik lol

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needanappp Thu 17-Jan-19 23:27:05

It sounds like babies head is engaging but run any symptoms past the midwife. All of what you've described sound like typical third trimester symptoms but it's always better to be safe and get them checked out.

BumbleBerries Sun 20-Jan-19 20:28:11

Oops, sorry if I panicked you, didn't realise you were only 35 weeks. Hope everything turned out okay.

SoyDora Sun 20-Jan-19 20:30:13

It doesn’t sound like labour to me. Always call your midwife if you’re concerned about anything.

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