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babymanc Mon 14-Jan-19 14:20:21

Hello I'm 38 weeks pregnant and need some advice. My baby has been breech all the way through and last week turned so I've gone from thinking will be having another c section to now being given the option of vbac.

My previous labour was long and in the end I got to 10 cm but she just wouldn't come out(not sure why)

Just wondering if there's a risk I won't be able to deliver again? Has anyone got any experiences of this.

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Dinosauratemydaffodils Mon 14-Jan-19 16:45:58

My first was similar, got fully dilated but dc1 didn't move, pushed and they tried forceps but nothing. I was told that they couldn't say for sure why he got stuck although I have a flatter than optimal pelvis and my babies so far have big heads (over the 90th percentile).

I went into labour with dc2 before my planned section date and they pushed quite hard for me to see what happened but when I pushed them on the "could it happen again", they said of course because they couldn't say for sure why it happened. They said it was unlikely but there was no guarantee it would work this time.

Have they offered to go over your last notes with you? Was dc1 back to back?

Hadalifeonce Mon 14-Jan-19 16:50:02

!st was back to back, got to 9cm no way baby coming out emergency section, 2nd also back to back, determined not to have another section, ended up with ventuse, extended episiotomy, wished I'd had a 2nd section.

babymanc Mon 14-Jan-19 17:18:40

Dc1 wasn't back to back and I asked for notes and they said not possible! Did u have another section with DC2?

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Dinosauratemydaffodils Mon 14-Jan-19 18:23:51

I did yes. My pains were in my back although dc2 was apparently in an non back to back optimal position and I just wasn't willing to risk it. She came out with massive shoulders, a massive head and her cord wrapped 3 times around her neck and then again around her arms/shoulders.

Was a much better experience though.

babymanc Mon 14-Jan-19 19:32:18

Thanks for sharing I have no idea what to do! Might speak to midwife

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Dinosauratemydaffodils Mon 14-Jan-19 19:42:30

Do you think if you hadn't reached 10 cms last time, you would want to try for the vbac?

Did you have a bad c-section recovery last time?

How old is your dd?

They are some of the things I considered before making a decision. Ultimately I'm glad I laboured with both of them but I'm also glad I felt something was off with dc2 (whether that was some mystical intuition or fear or w/e) and called it when I did.

babymanc Mon 14-Jan-19 20:34:15

Dd is 3 1/2, had a very long and slow recovery, I think because I got so far I feel I'll get there again! I know he's not going to be as big but only by a pound

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