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Advice - birth matters counselling??

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notanaturalmum Mon 14-Jan-19 11:10:02

Hi, I'm looking for some advice from a midwife or somebody who has been in a similar situation.

I have a 19 month old, who arrived 3 weeks early and had a bit of a rushed entry into the world.

I slept through the majority of my labour as it wasn't really that painful (I still don't understand this).
Anyway, I woke up about 4am and it occured to me that the baby hadn't moved for the majority of the previous day. I rang the MAC clinic who advised me to come in.
When I arrived, it turned out I was 9.5cm dilated and the baby's heart rate had halved because he was pressing on his cord. It all got a bit hazy at this point, but they kept saying Category 1 a lot, and they got a lady in to hold my hand and tell me that it might not be okay but they were going to try their hardest to save the baby.

Long story short, he came out alright via forceps (just in the nick of time before they were going to give me a section) and they got him breathing and warmed him up and it was all fine.
Anyway I was a bit traumatised by everything that happened but I've tried to put it behind me because it was all okay in the end.
However I'm pregnant again and I'm petrified that I might miss a sign, or the same thing might happen again with a different outcome.
I've been referred for a Birth Matters counselling session, but I fear that knowing the truth about my first labour might actually make me more scared for my second. Is it better for me to just live in ignorance about the danger my first baby was in, or should I find out the facts so I can work through them and ensure that I'm more prepared for if it happens again.
I really don't know what to do for the best.
Any advice welcome. Thankyou

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3babyxx Mon 14-Jan-19 18:44:48

Iv got 3 children .. my second I didt know I was in labour and didt make it to the hospital ( I was actually at the doctors getting my sweep and stretch ) she told me I was 10cm .. but luckily he was fine .. Iv recently had another baby and I was 8cm when I got to the hospital I wouldt of went in if it wernt for my mum pushing me .. he was born with the cord round his neck (was fine though )
I think any little sign you get that your in labour go straight to labour ward and explain what happend the first time round it's better to be safe then sorry!

Congratulations x

BumbleBerries Wed 16-Jan-19 19:28:05

I don't know about birth matters, but I would hope that you can go in and say what you have here, and that they'd help you work through whether discussing the dangers of the first birth was right for you. For you appropriate counselling might be limited to discussing your feelings and perceptions, or it might not, but I'd like to think they should be able to help you decide that.

Also advice of going to hospital early and explaining sounds good.

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