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Recovery (Bum & Bits)

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LeeCee Mon 14-Jan-19 16:25:20

Thanks @Orsy2017 I'm in Ireland so no NHS I'm afraid - the aftercare appointments are covered but not the meds

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Orsy2017 Mon 14-Jan-19 15:27:43

The NHS should be paying for your treatment. After all, it's their fault you have the infection.

LeeCee Mon 14-Jan-19 07:54:26

Thanks all for the advice - I was back in hospital yesterday to get things checked and turns out I do have an infection so am on antibiotics now, also got a prescription for stronger pain relief and hemorrhoid cream so hopefully things will be getting better from here on out.

I had an easy pregnancy so I guess this is just karma 😂

@Roomarmoset placing an order right now thanks for the link

@PirateWeasel that's great advice I didn't think of that am sitting on it right now and it makes it much more bearable! Thank you!

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Roomarmoset Mon 14-Jan-19 07:01:27

My baby is just over 3 weeks old and I had a tear during birth. Unfortunately the midwives didn't stitch me as they said it would heal on its own and within two days I was badly infected.

The midwife who came out to check me told me to get spritz for bitz (I thought she was joking!). It's expensive but absolutely worth it. Read the reviews on Amazon - Spritz for Bits - Pregnancy & Postnatal Relief Spray 150ml - Award Winning

Hope that helps!

PirateWeasel Mon 14-Jan-19 06:17:23

Message withdrawn, duplicate post.

YouBoggleMyMind Sun 13-Jan-19 21:21:27

I couldn't sit down on day 3. I did do shallow lavender and milk baths twice a day to help healing but otherwise it was paracetamol and ibuprofen, making sure I didn't let it run out at any point. The only other thing I can suggest is codeine but that may bung you up so may not be good with your bum hurting!! It just takes time. smile

PirateWeasel Sun 13-Jan-19 21:16:10

Have you got one of those neck cushions for planes? I found sitting on one of those helped a lot during the first few weeks!

LeeCee Sat 12-Jan-19 19:36:55

Thanks @Angelmiracle that's frustrating we got different advice on witch hazel I found it very cooling so may go back to using it

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Angelmiracle Sat 12-Jan-19 14:33:22

I bought Preparation H gel and they also do wipes which I found great. Even if you don't have piles it's cooling and soothing.

I was given witch hazel in hospital and never told to stop using it - I put it on gauze then directly onto stitches. I'd keep using it. Lavender and tea tree oil are good in the bath too but a brief bath - baths are supposed to break down stitches. Or even dilute the oils and pat on yourself in shower.
Amazon also have gel freeze packs with covers on them for down below might help. They also sell Bottoms Up a cheaper alternative to Spritz for Bits.

Try lying on your side on the sofa, & feeding in bed as much as possible and don't be on your feet too long! It will get better!

LeeCee Sat 12-Jan-19 14:07:35

Hi all hoping for lots of Mumsnet wisdom to get me through - gave birth to my PFB on Wednesday - induced, vaginal delivery & episiotomy. Recovery in general has been ok - and of course she is worth everything.

BUT my bits are in bits. Not just the stitches (had 2 days in hospital after birth and midwife checks said they are healing fine), but more painful is (TMI) my bum. Don't know if it's haemorrhoids or piles or both but I'm swollen and sore and can barely walk or sit down.

Was putting witch hazel in pads which felt very cooling but midwife told me to stop as it would cause the stitches to break down too fast

Am taking nurofen and paracetamol and cold showering the area twice daily with fresh air (legs akimbo) drying after

Is there anything else I can do? Any advice? I'm in so much pain and I just want to be able to enjoy my new baby 😩🥰

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