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Anyone know how I get hold of my maternity medical records?

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Lilliput Fri 29-Jun-07 10:05:17

I live in Scotland if that makes a difference to how I go about getting my notes.
I think it would be useful as part of my doula training to see my own notes. I know that my memory of both my births may not be the same as the notes so it would be really interesting to have them.

Klaw Fri 29-Jun-07 11:44:35

Hi, are you studying with Adela Stockton? I will get my certificate just as soon as she's OK'd my written piece...

Anyway, I got hold of mine and it is like getting full ownership of your births!

Call the hospital where you gave birth and ask to speak to Medical Records Dept. Ask them to send you a form to complete, you will probably need it to be witnessed, and then once you have returned it they have 40 days in which to get them to you. There is a MAX charge of £50 but most people are charged less and I wasn't even charged a penny! I also just asked for both my birth notes on the one form. This was up in Tayside but I'm sure that the procedure will be the same for you.

Good luck!

Lilliput Fri 29-Jun-07 12:41:45

Thanks Klaw, so you have submitted your written assignment? I feel really fired up to just write it now, I did the workshop last weekend and it was fab!!
Have you lined up your first client yet? Are you going to join Doula UK or just stick with the scottish doula network? I am having problems getting some additional experience with breastfeeding groups etc.

Klaw Fri 29-Jun-07 17:09:33

Yeah I did mine in March and loved it, came home to continue reading, got appt with cons to go over my VBAC as there were unresolved issues, continued reading, haven't got anywhere with trying to get into groups ect but was already going to MSLC meetings, have held the last two user groups (mums) meetings at mine. Have attended a birth already and have had two enquiries recently. I have had my website up and running for about 7/8 months now so that it would be ready for me looking for clients. Need to contact my local asting head of midwives, again, to try to arrange a meeting, but they are soooooooooo busy. We also had a email through SDN about workshops via ABM so that may interest you, I intend to phone and note my interest.

Google Angus Birth Companion if you'd like to see my website and then you can contact me. Are you on the SDN mailing list yet

I am inclined to go with SDN as the network is very supportive and arranging local study days seems to be a good thing. I hope to get to an OFP workshop with Jean Sutton in Edinburgh at the end of July!!!

Lilliput Fri 29-Jun-07 18:27:32

I have just today contacted the birth resource centre about the Jean Sutton workshop. I was also hoping to crash a few of their groups but then found a bit on their website that they refuse people sitting-in and observers. I had a home birth so I hope to go to their home birth support group to talk to people. I am in Dumfries and Galloway and Adela is the one advocate for natural birth down here, so I am faced with a brick wall when it comes to getting involved in other birth related things. Even the NCT seem pretty inactive and the Breastfeeding co-ordinator for the local maternity unit thought it would be a waste training me to become a breastfeeding support because where I live has such a low rate of breastfeeders amongst new mothers. Great logic that one!

Lilliput Fri 29-Jun-07 21:21:58

Have you bothered with disclosure Scotland, do you think clients will require this?

Klaw Fri 29-Jun-07 22:38:58

You know, I haven't even thought of that yet. I think it's something I would look into when I've got my certificate, & am looking into tax returns etc. You know, all the boring legal type of stuff that I've not got a clue about! I will re-contact Business Gateway once I'm about to start earning, as well talking to my Doula Mentor who will obviously have done all this already, being that she is an experienced Doula.

It's so exciting!

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