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John Radcliffe Oxford - delivery rooms

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hipstercat Wed 09-Jan-19 22:13:19

Did anyone give birth in the JR in Oxford? I just read on their website that 'one of the thirteen delivery rooms is en-suite'. Does that really mean that 12 delivery rooms do not even have their own toilet?! Are you supposed to waddle down the corridor to go to the bathroom whilst in labour?!

(Sorry, posted this first in Pregnancy but then realised this is a more logical place!)

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retoop Wed 09-Jan-19 22:15:29

I didn't give birth there but don't like their women's centre at all! Not well-maintained and dirty!

AussieMum28 Thu 10-Jan-19 12:50:41

I gave birth there just under 6 weeks ago. My baby was born 6 weeks prem. Firstly the staff were absolutely amazing and could not be faulted. I'm so grateful for all of them. In response to your query, i don't think my room had a toilet but it was a whirlwind 7 hour labour and I didn't need to go! There was a washroom literally across the corridor from my room if that helps?

SockQueen Thu 10-Jan-19 12:51:33

Afraid so - I thought there were 2 en-suites but it's been a while since I worked there so could be wrong. The toilets aren't far, and if you're not mobile they'll bring you a bedpan, but still not ideal!

Churchillian Thu 10-Jan-19 12:58:24

I had an en-suite toilet/sink in the delivery room at the JR. The delivery rooms are very hot and mostly windowless, so I would ask for one with a window if you can and take things to cool you down eg a face water mist, flannel etc. Also take drinks and snacks if you’re going to be there for a while - getting any food or drinks took hours and I was starving afterwards.

hipstercat Thu 10-Jan-19 23:19:43

Thanks everyone for your responses, that's super helpful!

Yes the women's centre and in fact all of the JR looks old and dirty, doesn't it. Good to know about the temperature as well! I am due to give birth in July so might invest in some kind of portable fan then... smile

AussieMum, that must have been a shock, I hope you and baby are doing well!

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FoxgloveStar Mon 14-Jan-19 01:38:27

I’ve given birth on delivery suite and upstairs in the spires unit. If you can I’d highly recommend the spires - 3 rooms, all with pool and en suite, private recovery rooms with double bed. You can have a tour of spires, on a Tuesday morning I think.

Delivery suite is a bit grim. I didn’t use the toilets when I was there and peed in a bowl instead. Room 11 has a pool I think.

FoxgloveStar Mon 14-Jan-19 01:47:36

Also the wards are awful. I was stuck on level 6 for five days with DC1 and wish I’d paid for a private room (~£100/night).

Megadesk63 Tue 22-Jan-19 23:08:04

My JR delivery suite room didn't have an ensuite, had to waddle out with all monitoring gear on to the bathroom just in corridor.
Would second how hot it is - gave birth last July in heatwave and we spent a lot of time on wards and delivery suite trying to nab the best fan...

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