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Experiences giving birth at St George hospital, London?

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Xiana Wed 09-Jan-19 10:31:40

Hi all,

I am first mum to be who is getting a bit nervous now! smile

I am 31 weeks pregnant, I have been having all my antenatal appointments in St George hospital in tooting, and it has been good so far, busy but ok.

I was quite confident till now but unfortunately I have heard some bad experiences of giving birth in this hospital. Mainly because of being overcrowded and understaff.
I heard positive feedback about the Chelsea and Westminster.

So I am now seriously doubting on changing, just concerned it is a little too late, which is a hassle and not ideal.
I would love to hear about your experiences. I believe every birth is different and there are unpredictable factors which could happen at any hospital, so maybe I am being just paranoid!
Anyone with bad or good experiences in these two hospitals??

Many thanks in advance!

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Rkay2 Wed 09-Jan-19 10:37:10

I had my care at St. George’s and couldn’t fault it.
I had to have my baby early when a movement scan indicated the baby wasn’t growing

I was admitted on a Friday and had two days of steroids as I had gestational diabetes.
There was a lot of discussion around induction v elective c section. In the end I went for the csection. The doctors spoke to me everyday. The midwives were great.

I ended up staying a week due to small baby and needed to check he was ok as he wasn’t maintaining his temperature.

We were treated well. And I would recommend it!

Xiana Thu 10-Jan-19 22:32:57

Many thanks for your message!
It is reassuring to hear other experiences,
Glad everything went ok,
Thanks again,

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Newtcase Sat 12-Jan-19 19:37:35

I gave birth almost 7 months ago in the Midwife Led Unit at St George’s. I had the loveliest midwife and was really pleased with my care throughout my pregnancy. I had one episode of reduced movements and they performed a growth scan as well as monitoring.

We were discharged quickly afterwards (home 10 hours after giving birth), but I found all the midwives I came into contact with very professional and pleasant smile

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