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Very bad piles 3 weeks before due date 😣

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Drama87 Fri 04-Jan-19 23:42:01

Hello! Looking for some advice... First baby due in 3 weeks and Ive developed awful 3rd (possibly 4th) degree piles. I've got suppositories but my MW has said they won't go away in time for labour.

Now, I'm petrified. I was actually looking forward to labour but now I'm seriously considering having a C-section because I'm scared about the amount of pain I'm already in and how much worse it's going to be going through labour.

Anyone else had piles before they gave birth? Any advice?! Xxx

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GetTheeToAShrubbery Fri 04-Jan-19 23:45:12

I did. They were so uncomfortable and I was worried about labour too. As it happens, once I was in labour I didn’t give it a second thought and never noticed any pain or discomfort (from them, obvs labour itself was a different story!)

EekThreek Fri 04-Jan-19 23:47:20

Same with my 3rd. I was so worried about the pushing making them worse but the pain of contractions doesn't leave space for anything else, and they cleared up within a week of giving birth.

Drama87 Fri 04-Jan-19 23:48:36

Thank you both

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Mybatteredchair Sat 05-Jan-19 00:07:07

I had thrombosed piles in the weeks before having my fourth and I honestly thought they would burst when I was in labour , but when the time came I didn't actually feel them at all .

One thing I did find helpful to relieve them was to dab them with Lansinoh lanolin (nipple cream) mixed with a few drops of lavender and frankincense essential oils . They seemed to shrink a little and were nowhere near as painful .

Drama87 Sat 05-Jan-19 00:09:31

Really?! Did you use that before or after birth?

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Mookatron Sat 05-Jan-19 00:11:47

I had them and didn't notice them in labour but they were quite horrid afterwards! Stock up on anusol (suppositories are the best - check with the midwife of you can use them if you have stitches). Plenty of warm salt baths too (ditto). Good luck!!

Owlettele Sat 05-Jan-19 00:15:47

A bit random.....and obvs you don't have to take any advice at all but I was told to put Vicks on them. I did in desperation - it kinda heats up but not painful for me and worked a treat at shrinking them. Just careful not to get it anywhere else. Mine went away almost before birth. Got them about a week after the birth. Used sudocrem to make the pain manageable and they were gone in a couple of days.

Mybatteredchair Sat 05-Jan-19 00:41:43

I used it for a few weeks before so I could sit down more comfortably 🤣 and continued using it for a week or two afterwards

MissMalice Sat 05-Jan-19 00:49:10

I got special suppositories from the GP. I think they had a steroid in them. They really helped. Over the counter stuff did nothing. I didn’t notice them during labour at all.

Taddda Sun 06-Jan-19 10:23:19

I was in hospital for 5 weeks before emergency csection (grade 4 placenta pravia) and also severe piles and constipation! They threw everything at me because it had a knock on effect with the constant bleed (from both at the end!) - A mixture of Laxido, lactulose, anusol, suppositories were the only thing that got me shifting - Had my little girl 3 weeks ago and still taking the laxido (like Movicol?) -

shecamefromgreece Sun 06-Jan-19 10:45:40

I had hideous ones just before I had all of my four dc.
If you use lidocaine cream which a numbing cream on them it really helps with the pain you literally can't feel them anymore. It's the main ingredient in vagasil cream which you can buy over the counter or you can get it on prescription I tried everything and this was by far the best thing. Didn't get rid of them but completely relieved the pain.

Hoppinggreen Sun 06-Jan-19 10:49:25

A week before DS was due one popped out of my bum ( sorry TMI)
I was worried about what would happen in labour as it was really sore and when I was told to go for a walk to get the baby moving I winced with every step
However, when Labour actually started I didn’t notice my sore bum at all
Just be careful not to get constipated as that’s even less fun with piles

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