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Homeopathic remedies for childbirth

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detachablehoof Tue 18-Dec-18 12:59:46

I'll start with a disclaimer - I know that Homeopathy isn't everyone's cup of tea and there is no scientific evidence for it... HOWEVER, I have gone from being very sceptical to being a believer as I have seen some amazing results from homeopathic remedies. And worst case scenario is that it doesn't do anything - it certainly doesn't do any harm.

Disclaimer over grin
Has anyone got any recommendations of what to get as a birth kit. Lots of arnica... what else? I have tried to find a ready made kit online but there doesn't seem to be one available.

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Hospitaldramafamily Fri 21-Dec-18 18:31:42

I see a homeopath who gave me a special birth and post-labour kit. PM me if you want details

masterstef Fri 21-Dec-18 18:34:45

You do understand there are literally no active ingredients in it, right? Have a drink of water and donate the money to a food bank or something.

anniehm Fri 21-Dec-18 18:45:00

You don't need potions but I highly recommend a birthing ball and to gently rock on it, didn't need pain relief consequently

ImAChaiseLongueGetMeOutOfHere Fri 21-Dec-18 18:46:21


FoxgloveStar Fri 21-Dec-18 23:09:15

It is good to stay hydrated.

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