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39+2 and moved place, what do I do?

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chloem93 Mon 10-Dec-18 07:25:28

Hi smile

I'm 39 weeks + 2 and I've moved far from my registered children's centre and the hospital I was going to give birth in.

Can someone tell me what list of things I need to do? I did a self referral online for Barnet hospital but I called up the hospital the other day and they said they haven't got the referral. I also have missed my appointment with my midwife from my old children's centre, I don't drive and it would take me quite a long time to get there, I've also been busy with moving and setting everything up (single mum).
So I'm confused at this point what I do if I went into labour now, do I call the Barnet hospital even if I haven't officially referred over or do I still have to go to the other hospital that's further away? I don't even have the number for triage for Barnet. How long do I have to transfer children centres and gps? I want my baby to have all of her jabs but I haven't transferred gps yet 😬 I know I'm unorganised but like I said, I've been busy! I was hoping my old midwife could come out to me but the woman I spoke to on the phone said I was out of the region they cover and she won't be able to :/ Unfortunately I didn't get much more advice than that...

Also is it ethically wrong to call an ambulance to get to the hospital when I'm in labour or should I just call a taxi? I will be completely alone and family doesn't live close.

I'm probably over worrying but this is my first time so I don't think I'm crazy. santa

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Armygirl Mon 10-Dec-18 15:55:46

Why don’t you try ringing the labour ward at Barnet and asking for advice? The hospital switchboard will put you through if you don’t know the number. Then pop along to your gp surgery and ask to register as a new patient.
I don’t think it’s ethically wrong to ring an ambulance if you’re completely on your own. Good luck x

FrazzyAndFrumpled Thu 13-Dec-18 11:58:42

I don’t think you should call an ambulance, a taxi will do just fine. Pop into your local GP surgery and get registered, they’ll also be able to talk you through the referral to the local maternity services.

Good luck.

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