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What should I know about having a second c section?

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FantasticBadger Wed 21-Nov-18 21:19:32

I found my ELCS much easier than first emergency one too ... no trying to recover after 48 hours farting around prior to the EMCS. Was much more relaxed, knew what to expect and to take it easy in recovery. DH off for 2 weeks so I sat on the sofa bf for the whole time. Goid luck and take it easy .

Stroller15 Wed 21-Nov-18 20:53:25

Hi OP, I had an ELCS after an EMCS just 10 weeks ago today smile It all went well, the whole experience is very much different from the first. Actually felt a bit surreal to just calmly walk in and chat to the doctors and nurses. I had a keloid scar from my first c-section but they did such a good job with my second one, they cut that bit out too. Recovery has been absolutely fine so far, stomach still flabby (might be the biscuits though...) The biggest issue I would say is the busy and demanding little toddler running around. I would advise anyone to stay in hospital as long as you can to have time with your newborn, once I came home life sped up substantially! And take your meds on schedule.

Good luck OP, I hope all goes well and you'll have your new baby in your arms soon!

ALS17081982 Wed 21-Nov-18 20:45:26


I've had a previous EMCS and next delivery will be a ELCS. Is there anything you can tell me about a second c section? In terms of the operation itself / recovery / stomach afterwards / scaring / adhesions etc


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