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Anterior low-lying placenta experiences....

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Zaplolly Mon 19-Nov-18 19:00:59

Hi everyone!
I am 35+3 and just been told that my low lying (anterior) placenta has now moved up. I'm still leaning towards a c section though due to the complications/risks (I had a few minor bleeds which resulted in hospital stays).... does anyone have any similar experiences they can share? Did you have a c section? How many weeks if so? Thanks smile

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ToddlerTamerMumma Tue 20-Nov-18 15:21:50

I had an front low lying placenta during pregnancy. Had a scan at 36wks and it had moved up enough for me to deliver naturally perfectly fine. Tbh the hospital never gave me the option of a c-section so I just had to go with natural birth, which was fine for me at the time. Once it's moved out the way of the cervix it's really not a problem at all, and birth is just the same as with a normal presenting placenta.

At my hospital (and i think elsewhere in UK) ELCS are performed from 39wks+.

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