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Colostrum Harvesting

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Ploppymoodypants Wed 14-Nov-18 10:28:32

Hello. I am due an elc C Section next week. I have a few issues around breastfeeding and not 100% I will do it. However I obviously want what is best for baby, and so plan to harvest some colostrum so if I don’t manage to breastfeed (I will try) then she can have some colostrum before each formula feed for at least a few days. Can anyone talk me through how to do it please, and joe to store it etc etc. I am clueless! I understand the theory, express I to syringe. But how, and what kind of syringe, and how do a sterilise them, and how to a store it, and take it to hospital etc?
Many thanks

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Kt08x Wed 14-Nov-18 15:17:53

Doesn't need to be sterilised as no bacteria in BM. Just hot soapy water. Label and keep in the fridge ☺️
Anytime after 37 weeks as can bring on labour from what I've heard x

Kt08x Wed 14-Nov-18 15:18:51

Just saw you said it's happening next week .. so you're obv at term.. brain is mush! Sorry x

Tinypause Wed 14-Nov-18 15:21:31

There used to be a good video showing how to do this on the Best Beginnings website. I would Google that and see if it's still there. Can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days. You would normally need to get a stash of syringes from your midwife though.

GummyGoddess Wed 14-Nov-18 15:27:00

Ask midwife for syringes immediately, and also check YouTube as there are videos on different techniques.

You are leaving it a teeny bit late as it could take a little while for you to get much out. Keep persisting several times a day and you will see results.

I didn't want to bf but ended up doing it until pregnant with dc2. There's nothing wrong with changing your mind and bf, just as there's nothing wrong with formula.

blackcat86 Wed 14-Nov-18 15:32:08

You can express from 36 weeks. Get some syringes from your midwife (they'll come in individual sterile packets), hand express little at a time (don't do too much or it will drip down and you'll struggle to catch it all with the syringe). Make sure you put the stopper on the syringe when you're done, I didn't have a stopper in hospital and when the syringe fell over the contents spilled everywhere. It had taken me 45mins to get it so I could have cried!

Ploppymoodypants Wed 14-Nov-18 19:15:19

Thank you everyone. Seeing midwife tomorrow morning so hopefully she will have syringes then.

Will watch the YouTube stuff.

Obviously I want what’s best for baby, but have to look after my own mental health and being sofa bound and cluster feeding and having a poor sleeper, on top of being solely responsible for nutrition fills me with dread to be honest. Hopefully will be able to find a happy medium that’s right for us both.

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