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Post partum bleeding - anyone used washable pads?

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chocolatemousse Sun 17-Jun-07 20:20:15

I have used washable sanitary towels for a couple of years.

Baby will be in washable nappies.

Doesn't seem to drastic a leap of faith...

Indith Sun 17-Jun-07 20:26:14

I would sod the eco thing just for a little while

Switch once it slows a little.

WigWamBam Sun 17-Jun-07 20:38:56

There's no need to sod the eco thing; I'd be happy to use washables for post-partum bleeding. I've used them for a couple of years too, but only for normal (if heavy) periods and have always found them much more absorbent and more comfortable than disposables, so wouldn't want to give them up.

For post-partum bleeding, though, I'd probably get some reusable maternity pads rather than use my standard ones - they will also be useful for when your periods come back after the birth as they're often very, very heavy then.

Plush Pants sells maxi pads which are suitable for post-partum use, and Ella's House Night pads are suitable for after birth as well.

Indith Sun 17-Jun-07 20:44:57

Braver than me then WWB!

Don't think I could have faced the washing by the time I'd done all the sheets and towels from my labour on top of the millions of nappies!

Ignore me then CM. WWB has way more willpower and should be listened to

WigWamBam Sun 17-Jun-07 20:48:35

The washing is much easier than you'd think, you stick them in cold water for a few hours then just bung them in the washing machine with everything else! If CM is using washable nappies, the towels will just go in with those.

My willpower, on the other hand, is completely and totally lacking

Cappuccino Sun 17-Jun-07 20:49:19

oh I did and was v glad

first time round I used disposable ones and was v uncomfy after a few days, sticky and itchy

second time round, used clothmadmummy - so comfy, far better - and I use them still for night pads

WigWamBam Sun 17-Jun-07 20:57:40

That site seems to have closed, Capp, but I like the look of the Fairy Hammocks on the link to Wee Notions. And they're not a bad price either.

Terrible name, though

asur Sun 17-Jun-07 20:58:47

I have been thinking about this as I have been using a mooncup for a while but guessing that might not be ideal just after birth!

Might seem strange question, but how many would I need? I know it will depend how often they're washed but just as a rough idea.

Ceolas Sun 17-Jun-07 21:05:15

I use Lunapads myself and have been wondering about this. They do a pad for post partum flow. Quite pricey though. I wonder how much use I'd get out of them afterwards.

WigWamBam Sun 17-Jun-07 21:07:08

I have six, and could probably do with a couple more. For post-partum I'd probably want to make sure I'd got as many as I could get, just to make it easier when you're going through several a day - at least nine or ten.

asur Sun 17-Jun-07 21:10:24

Thanks WWB - got a couple of months to go so might work on a collection of them - might stop me buying more nappies for a while!

Ceolas Sun 17-Jun-07 22:19:30

I wonder if the fairy hammocks are up to the job? DO they come in different sizes?

flightattendant Mon 18-Jun-07 08:13:46

Oh it's fine Choccymousse, no different to normal really...the first two days I wore big incontinence style disposable things (from a boot fair, unopened!!!) which were just easy and I wasn't able to do the washing but my mum was doing a lot of 60 washes as I had a home birth, so a few towels wouldn't have made any difference...the bleeding got much lighter after that and I started to use the cloth naps too, on and off, so it all went in the bucket together.
I don't find my PP bleeding much of a problem and am wearing a cloth pad as we speak...they were from Green Baby a few years ago, Dambinda is the name, I'm sure there are others.

flightattendant Mon 18-Jun-07 08:14:49

Sorry meant used the cloth nappies for the my pads could go in with those.


flightattendant Mon 18-Jun-07 08:20:45

asur...not sure about others but mine came in a pack, you got two waterproof 'backing' things that you fold the (6) pads and insert into. Then a larger one with 2 pads, for heavier flow, and a tiny backing thing with a couple of 'liner' size pads.

I'm a disorganised washer though so would be glad to have more, but also alternate with disposable pads so it's just a lazy combo type thing...mix and match!

lunalandings Mon 29-May-17 19:09:38

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

JohnLapsleyParlabane Mon 29-May-17 19:13:52

I got mine through earthwise girls. I got 6 pp ones and I already had 4 heavy duty ones. My favorites are I think Homestead Emporium

Lostinaseaofbubbles Mon 29-May-17 19:38:46

The baby will be turning 10 soon. I suspect she is no longer looking for maternity pads.

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