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48 hours since induction started and only 3cm

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LanaLily11 Sun 28-Oct-18 22:34:17

Is this normal? Already 1cm dilated on arrival. I feel like I don’t understand what’s happening. I had pessary put in at 6.45pm Friday evening, removed 6.45pm last night. Mild contractions and mucus plug lost during last night, gel at 9am and been contracting all day very painful to be examined just now to find im only 3cm dilated. I was expecting more?! I am awaiting a space to become free on delivery suite where they will break my waters but this all seems like such a slow process sad

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Zapho Mon 29-Oct-18 07:27:04

Sorry to hear it's so drawn out, I seem to remember mine being too but I couldn't tell you what was normal or not I'm afraid. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck for a healthy, safe birth!

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