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5 hour long second stage

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Alyosha Fri 26-Oct-18 17:35:50

I gave birth just under a week ago, and the whole process was excruciatingly painful, probably because DS had his hand up by his face and I dilated to 9cm in about 2 hours.

I opted to go straight to the labour ward rather than the birth centre to access an epidural, but was told that due to being 9cm there probably wasn't much point in having an epidural.

I'm absolutely kicking myself for not insisting on the epidural, as after dilating to 10cm about an hour after arriving I pushed for 1.5 hours to avail. I then finally got an epidural, after 2 hours of resting with no actual pushing he had descended further than when I was actively pushing!

After another 30 minutes of pushing he was finally delivered via ventouse, leading me to have moderate (800ml) blood loss and an episiotomy.

My question is that in the future how do I ensure that I can get an epidural at the onset of labour? And is my 2nd labour likely to be much faster? On my notes my labour is down as being 6 hours long, but I would say more like 10 hours from contractions to delivery of the placenta...

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florenceheadache Fri 26-Oct-18 17:46:02

Congratulations on your little one.
I’d venture a guess your next one will be much quicker, the arm position is unlikely to repeat itself. But it suggests a nice big pelvic opening.
As for the dd went private, got one within 15 minutes of arrival BUT she wasn’t checked and delivered an hour later.
She looks back in hindsight and says if she knew labour was only going to be 60 minutes more she knows she could have coped.

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