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When to go to hospital

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ZahraLdn Mon 22-Oct-18 21:21:27

I'm 41 + 4 and have an induction booked for later this week.
Yesterday I had an upset tummy and starting feeling what I thought were contractions (shooting pains/cramps in my lower belly) every three minutes lasting up to a minute a time (I also had a bloody show followed by brown discharge).
I went into triage and was told my cervix was closed and was sent home.
The contractions completely stopped and when I phoned the hospital they told me not to worry.

Has anyone been through anything similar? When do I actually go back into hospital if the contractions re-start?

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GreenTulips Mon 22-Oct-18 21:23:17

You can go at any point you feel necessary

They check you and baby

Don't worry about false alarms it all part of their job and they are used to it

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