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ELCS "Waiting list"

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MinisterforCheekyFuckery Mon 22-Oct-18 08:58:27

I'm 39+3. Due to baby measuring big and me having experienced problems with the birth of my first baby the consultant agreed that I "shouldn't go overdue" and told me that she would schedule a planned c section for my due date on the understanding that I will try for a vaginal birth if I go into labour spontaneously before then. I've been very clear I'm not going to consent to induction and the Consultant has supported this.

Unfortunately, when I saw the consultant last week and she rang to book the ELCS she was told there are no theatre slots free until I'm 41 weeks, so that's when I'm now booked in for. I'm nervous now as she had previously said she thought I "shouldn't go overdue" but now she's saying "oh it's fine". She told me that they will put me on a cancellation list and if a slot comes up before then they'll let me know but this seems unlikely. I'm finding the uncertainty really unsettling. It's also worrying me that the hospital is apparently so overstretched they can't book a theatre slot two weeks in advance...its making me question what the standard of care will be like.

Anyone else had anything like this?

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Hisashiburi Mon 22-Oct-18 09:07:11

Could you try another hospital?

Bluebelltulip Mon 22-Oct-18 09:13:52

A large part of the lack of theatre slots will be the need to have them available for emergency sections. I understand your frustration and I think the key factor in your consultants opinion is the 'should' if it was a must not go over then the opinion would probably be very different.

MinisterforCheekyFuckery Mon 22-Oct-18 09:22:58

Could you try another hospital?

The next closest hospital is over an hour away and has quite a poor reputation. If I'm in for a few days the distance would make it difficult for DH to juggle visiting with work and getting DD to and from school etc.

Hopefully baby will decide to make an appearance this week and it won't be an issue.

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Hisashiburi Mon 22-Oct-18 09:50:49

Fingers crossed that everything goes the way you want it to. I know it probably seems daunting right now but wishing you a happy and healthy delivery x

MinisterforCheekyFuckery Mon 22-Oct-18 11:16:15

Thank you smile I think it was just a bit of a shock at what's bound to be an anxious time anyway.

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