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C section - Aftercare

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laurenluke2017 Sun 21-Oct-18 17:51:38

Hi ladies,

I'm 6 days post planned c - section. My recovery is doing amazing i'm taking it easy. Doing well though. I had my dressing off yesterday - had dissolvable stitches it looks really neat and tidy. I'm dying to have a bath. I've been having showers but really want a bath! What does everyone suggest? A shallow one which doesn't touch my scar or? Advice please. thanks

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sleepytoday Sun 21-Oct-18 18:03:42

I think the medical advice is that you need to wait 6 weeks. I have had three sections and it was only on my third that I was told this by a Dr. When I questioned it she looked at me like I was an idiot and just said "you've had major surgery" you shouldn't be bathing. Dailey sure I had baths from week three with section no 2.

Anm4 Sun 21-Oct-18 20:24:54

I'm three weeks post csection on tuesday and I've already had two baths. My wound was healed and the midwife said it was fine 🤔. I also had baths after my first section same sort of time and no issues. Just be careful with scented showergels etc x

laurenluke2017 Sun 21-Oct-18 20:48:33

I've just had a bath. But it was a shallow bubble bath my DH washed me with a sponge but it was nice to bathe although it was shallow and didn't touch my wound. So I think thats what I am gonna do in future!

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Dinosauratemydaffodils Mon 22-Oct-18 17:41:20

I had a bath on day 5 after both my emergency sections. I double checked with the midwife when she came out and was told it was absolutely fine. She was more concerned about my ability to get in/out than the actual water element.

bengalcat Mon 22-Oct-18 17:45:08

Do as you see fit but I had a bath in the hospital the day after my section as in those days they didn't keep a dressing on for @5 days - healed fine . Bear in mind that with all things related to childbirth and everything really what's trending one minute is turned around the next and guess what we all survive .

riotlady Mon 22-Oct-18 17:48:21

Just make sure you dry out properly afterwards, especially if you’ve got a bit of overhang. I thought you had to wait for 6 weeks after mine but my doctor said it would have been fine!

ShowOfHands Mon 22-Oct-18 17:48:57

I had one in hospital the next day!

Just avoid anything scented and pat dry gently.

Stellarbella Mon 22-Oct-18 17:50:49

I’ve bathed every day with my baby from 10 days post section. It didn’t even cross my mind that it would be a problem! Hurts like a mutha when he kicks me in the scar area though!

JosellaPlayton Mon 22-Oct-18 17:51:14

My consultant said definitely no baths for at least 4 weeks. Your puddle that didn’t even come up to your scar sounds chilly and rather unpleasant, no way would that have been worth the infection risk for me! But then who knows, the advice varies so widely. I was told to take the dressing off less than 24 hours post section (in the shower the following morning) so it could breathe and the wound was frequently checked but your dressing was left on for 5 days; your hospital obviously does thing differently to mine. As long as you’re feeling ok and healing well that’s all that matters though smile

Topseyt Mon 22-Oct-18 17:52:41

I'm sure I had a bath well before the 6 week mark. In fact, probably just after I got home.

ShowOfHands Mon 22-Oct-18 17:55:14

Maybe it depends on the stitches. A cursory Google suggests it's not wise with dissolvable stitches. Perhaps ask your midwife?

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