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Episiotomy not healing??

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EmsyW Wed 17-Oct-18 00:16:21

Hi ladies
I gave birth to my daughter 5 weeks today. She was born in theatre using forceps and therefore I had an episiotomy.
Following the birth m, several midwives checked my stitches at my request as when I looked down there, to me it looked ‘gapey’. Yeah was told that were I was swollen when they stitched me up, some parts were now raw skin but it would heal. It all appears to have healed apart from one part which is right on the entrance of my lady parts! It’s very red, sore to touch, hurts when I see and is not in line with the surrounding tissue. I’m not sure if this is granulation tissue, if it’s still healing or if this is it healed ???
I have my 6 week check up next Tuesday but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Xx

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moretractorsplease Wed 17-Oct-18 00:37:31

Hi Emsy, I'm sorry to hear this. I experienced something very similar to what you describe, a forceps delivery in theatre with an episiotomy. Like you, I had a gap which opened up afterwards. The midwives who checked me post birth didn't really seem too concerned but I knew it wasn't right. I went to the GP several times and eventually got myself referred to a gynaecologist (GP didn't really seem too bothered either at first). Luckily, the gynaecologist was great and she took one look at me and booked in for surgery but luckily, at my pre op, the gap had started to close so I didn't end up with surgery. That was about 5 months after birth.

I'm sorry you're going through this. I think you need to see your GP and ask to be referred. Don't be fobbed off! Good luck X

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