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JJR17 Sun 14-Oct-18 00:40:00

Curious to see if anyone's given due date has been very wrong?
I'm due with my first on December 27th and was told Christmas day at first, but I've felt like he's going to be quite early through the whole pregnancy. I've also thought that I may be further on than they think. The baby is measuring 32 weeks and I'm 29, and I've been told he will be 'quite big' estimating at 8lb6 at this stage (which is not very big considering I was 10lb). I also knew I was pregnant when it was too early for a test to even tell, and I knew I was carrying a boy before we found out the sex so I feel like I'm quite in touch with this pregnancy haha
Just wondering if anyone knows how likely it might be for him to come very early? Sorry for the long lost!x

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JJR17 Sun 14-Oct-18 00:55:17

Sorry for TMI but I had very irregular periods before falling pregnant too due to conceiving under failed contraception, so my due date was calculated another way as I hadn't had a period in about a year prior.

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