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Positive induction stories at 42 weeks?!

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Running365 Thu 11-Oct-18 15:39:51

Posted in 'pregnancy' but just realised childbirth might be more appropriate!

My due date is tomorrow and although I know I have two weeks to go into labour spontaneously - which could certainly happen, I also feel like the next two weeks could come and go without any signs of baby making an appearance. I have been lucky enough to have a great, low risk pregnancy up until now and was planning for a MLU birth and been practising hypnobirthing techniques. I've been staying active (still walking 10,000 steps a day, swimming, whilst also resting and relaxing after finishing work at 38 weeks). However, suddenly it feels like an induction of labour is looming. Does anyone have any positive stories about being induced at 42 weeks? Did you accept sweeps prior to this? Can I still use MLU if things happen with just pessary (I've been told conflicting things by midwife and friend's midwife)? Or...should I wait until after 42 weeks as things may still happen naturally?! So many unknowns in my head, thanks for any information!!

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