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Should I have baby at basildon maternity ward?

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Sami1234 Wed 03-Oct-18 12:45:39

I am expecting my 2nd baby and not sure whether to choose queens or basildon maternity. I had ds1 at queens and I was amazed at the level of care I received from start to finish. They were faultless and I usually have high expectations. However basildon would be most nearest to me but not sure whether I should compromise the distance for the standard of care. I have been to basildon a few times in the past and thought all the receptionists across most departments were so miserable and rude. So I'm fearing the midwives may be the same? Does anyone have great experiences at maternity ward in basildon?

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DeloresJaneUmbridge Wed 03-Oct-18 12:56:59

I uaww to be a midwife at Basildon but it was years ago (1996 - 1998). The place used to drive me mad but I hear lots of good things about it these days, I know they have an amazing birthing unit with a pool.
Wish I still knew someone there I could introduce you to.
It is a very busy unit but so is Queens so I guess a lot is down to staffing.

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