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SPD and labour?

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Snap5 Thu 27-Sep-18 10:40:24

So labour started for me at 37 weeks (confirmed early labour by the hospital, not just BH) and went on for 8 hours then just stopped.

The midwife now thinks this may be due to baby not able to engage properly in my pelvis due to bad sitting/standing/walking/sleeping positioning due to SPD pain. In hindsight, she said this is likely why I had such a long labour last time too, as the contractions are pushing baby down but as they can't get their head into the pelvis to push on my cervix, the contractions are just fizzling out and I'm having trouble dilating.

While I am aware this is very early for labour, the midwife and consultant at the hospital both believe baby could have been born by this point if it was engaged properly and I am happy to believe them, as I am daily having episodes of proper time-able contractions that fizzle out.

My question to you ladies is, has anyone else every gone through this? I didn't even realise this may have been what was causing my long labour the first time. In the last week I have been pushing past the SPD and concentrating on posture; constantly sitting forward and upright on chairs, leaning forward on all 4's, bouncing and hip-rotations on my exercise ball etc. Does anyone else have any other advice or experiences to share to make me feel less useless and alone in this longggg and painful time??

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stargirl1701 Thu 27-Sep-18 10:46:51

I had PGP with DD2. From 37-40 weeks I had labour contractions between midnight-6am every single night.

The morning it didn't stop at 6am, she was born.

HugoBearsMummy Fri 28-Sep-18 16:15:47

I had bad SPD that basically left me paralysed for 2 weeks prior to giving birth. I could JUST about shuffle very very slowly on crutches towards the end of the pregnancy (last 3 days before DS born), as I think baby's position changed . I was induced 1 week after my due date as midwife decided it would be cruel to let me suffer any more. Labour was only 10 hours, not too long considering it was my first baby.
I don't have much advice to give but couldn't read and run knowing how upsetting it was for me at the time too. Currently pregnant (18 + 2 Weeks) and am praying that I don't get it again, although midwife seems convinced I will.
Would they consider inducing you, I know it's early but baby is pretty much cooked now & you are suffering... That may speed things up. My labour went from 0-60 being induced! Full blown contractions 3 mins apart within 45 mins of having pessary inserted.
Good luck OP and just think once baby is out the pain for the most part disappears & you can spend lots of lovely time with your new bundle :-)

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