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ELCS.. Elective Caesarean Section..

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laurenluke2017 Sat 22-Sep-18 10:37:39

Hi Ladies,

Some moral support and advice needed over hear. I know there are 100s of posts about this but I just felt for some reassurance I wanted to post my own.

I am 36+3 days pregnant. I have a consultant appointment booked for next week 27th a MK Hospital regarding ELCS. I have heard my consultant is very understanding, so I hope everything works out ok.

I have sufferer very traumatic births in my family, my mother tore, my cousins son stopped breathing as was stuck, and my grandma suffered a horrifying still birth. All of this haunts me, I suffer with panic attacks, and have an extreme case of aniexty. I have been attending counselling sessions for the last 7 months to try and get me through and opt for a natural birth. But nothing is shaking this feeling, I have tried everything I have done all my research on pros and cons and I am aware of the NICE guidelines on caesareans. I am up most nights with intrusive thinking regarding the birth and I know it will not be a safe way for my son to be born naturally as I will go into a state of panic and pass out.

I will take all my notes, and information including the counselling I have done with me to support my case. I just hope it works out for me as my aniexty is through the roof. I had a positive meeting with the consultant midwife just have to wait for my consultant. What does everyone think? I'm scared I'm going to break down in the meeting.

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laurenluke2017 Sat 22-Sep-18 12:30:25

Anyone? smile

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Anm4 Sat 22-Sep-18 15:40:45

It's your right to choose now whether you want an ELCS or to try a natural birth. Just explain your reasons and I'm sure they will understand, don't be afraid of breaking down i sobbed at my last consultant appt as everything had just got too much. I have had two natural, 1 ELCS & I'm due to have another ELCS in around 11 days at 38 weeks. Good luck x

laurenluke2017 Sat 22-Sep-18 16:04:59

@Anm4 Hi Anm4, thank you so much. I'm just really hoping and praying, I think I will break down and just let it all out in the meeting. My partner has been very supportive throughout and is coming with me for moral support. I am taking all the research I have done with me as well for more support to back up my case. I have heard my consultant is really lovely, so fingers crossed for me. I was looking on birthrights today too so I'm doing everything I can. X

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Anm4 Sat 22-Sep-18 16:25:19

I'm sure it will be fine, i have an anxiety disorder too so i completely relate to how you are feeling, just say to them for your own mental health you want to go in knowing its controlled and safe. It's brilliant you have done research and your partner is supportive. Honestly it's your choice ultimately, they can try and sway your choice but stick to your guns. It will all work out they usually do them at 39 weeks so you wont have to wait long before you get to cuddle your baby x

laurenluke2017 Sat 22-Sep-18 18:59:07

@Anm4 thank you hun. Your kind words make me feel better. I have a booklet I have made with my thoughts everyday as my counsellor told me to, all inside it it says "anxious, worried, frightened, intrusive thoughts" I have so much to show the consultant so I really hope they understand. I just want the appointment now. I just feel as soon as I walk into the room i'll start balling. So i'm glad to have my partner there he said he will help me and explain some nights I cry or can't sleep due to my aniexty, and trauma in my family. It is a mental health reason, so all I can do is hope. x

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Johndoe10 Sat 22-Sep-18 19:45:49

lauren I had my last with an ECS. It was advised by my consultant after issues I’d had previously but really had to fight my case when my waters broke before my date. They made me wait such a long time to see if I’d give birth naturally but as expected I didn’t and they had to take me down.

Anm4 Sat 22-Sep-18 19:58:39

I wish you luck 🤞but from my experience they will want to keep you as calm as possible and will do everything they can to eliminate causing more mental health problems. I saw my consultant on thursday and she signed all the paperwork and has written in my notes that if for any reason i go into labour before my csection that i will not be pushed for a natural birth. Make sure they note this in yours. You have very valid reasons so just stay strong and to the point with your reasons and I'm sure it will be ok. Good luck hun x

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