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Going overdue with a planned VBAC?

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PrizeWinningMammoth Sat 22-Sep-18 10:28:28

I'm pregnant with DC2. I'd prefer a VBAC for this one. I'm fairly sure I'll go overdue (DC1 was 42 weeks, family history full of 42-week babies, plus my dating scan dates are ahead of mine). Did this happen to you? and if it did how did it work out?

With DC1 the pressure for induction was relentless and miserable. I wanted to agree to induction at 42 weeks and was happy to have whatever monitoring they wanted before that. But my midwife said "oh no, the consultants won't let you do that" and booked me in for induction at 40+8 anyway, the hospital wouldn't give me any clear answers on how induction worked (e.g. if the pessary works will I still need to be on the drip and have my waters broken? - told both definitely no and definitely yes), and although I'd agreed with the consultant to a scheduled induction at 42 weeks I got pressure and lectures and rolling of eyes at every monitoring appointment.

Anyway I went into labour naturally at 42 weeks, was progressing but ended up with an EMCS for other reasons. Baby was fine and didn't even look particularly late.

This time round I am happy to schedule an ELCS or induction by 42 weeks (hospital does VBAC inductions with balloon catheter) and see if I go into labour naturally in the meantime. But my new midwife's already pulled a face at the very idea of VBAC after I went overdue before, and I'm dreading going through all the stress and pressure and bossing around from last time again.

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Rosesared Sun 30-Sep-18 22:08:02

I had a home vbac at 40+11 after EMCS. Granted it was 17years later but like with you, pressure for induction was relentless. Can I suggest you "go with the flow" and book your induction/elcs for 42 weeks...just to keep the docs happy. Like I always say: No woman in history has ever been pregnant for 45 weeks. They can't force you to have an induction, it's against the law. Being overdue is NOT a medical reason for induction. As long as baby is healthy and growing well, trust your instincts, and ignore the scaremongering. Baby comes when baby's ready

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