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Question about mucus plug!

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BexusSugarush Thu 20-Sep-18 09:11:00

Right so I had a successful membrane sweep while 1cm dilated at 37 weeks (last Monday) due to medical complications meaning they want baby out as soon as possible.

Nothing happened immediately but had sex with partner within 48 hours and immediately had contractions strong enough to go to hospital. Went in with a cervix that was basically hard, posterior and only 1cm, but after 8 hours of contracting in hospital it was 3cm, soft and anterior. Great news. Also had 4 internals and my bloody show while there.

However the contractions then completely stopped and they sent me home to await them restarting.

Had sex again that night which was followed by my mucus plug coming away, which was dark red/brown and very goopy.

Sex again this morning (in the hopes it would kick things off again as it seemed to do wonders the last few times!) and this time I lost what looked like a dark yellow gloopy plug!

My question is, is this normal to for your plug to be two different colours on two different days? As after losing what was obviously only part of it the first time, everything then stopped and it seemed like it was over.

Would also really appreciate encouragement and positive stories similar to this as really want to kick things off again asap (on doctors approval).

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