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Pain 6 months post Cooks Balloon Induction

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NinjaTurtleMikey Wed 12-Sep-18 23:33:41

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience as I’m a bit desperate.

Just shy of 6 months ago I had a planned vbac with cooks balloon catheter induction on my due date. My cervix was so high up and completely closed and they really had to push and use a speculum and about 5 different people tried to force it until one did. It was agony and I started contracting immediately and lost what they said was a bloody show straight away. 26 hours later nothing had progressed so I had a c section.

Since then I’ve been having horrendous pains as if there’s sharp metal left in there! Right up by my cervix. It’s on and off totally randomly but the pain is unbearable when it is there. I actually rushed back to hospital at 5 and 10 days saying they’d left something in there but they basically gave me antibiotics and said take painkillers.

Got a referral for gynae, went today and when she did the internal exam I let out a shriek. She had to stop after less than a second because I was borderline crying with the pain. 7 hours later I’m still cramping badly. She said she couldn’t see anything but how could she in that time?

Sorry to ramble and tmi but this is affecting me hugely. I sound like I’m overreacting but I have a decent pain threshold normally. I can’t be intimate with my DH because of the pain and 6 months is a long time.

Has anyone experienced lasting pain after a cooks balloon?

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