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VBAC induction - any positive stories?

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Lumpy76 Sat 15-Sep-18 07:00:31

Hi! I had a nightmare induction with my first (due to preeclampsia) and ended in a traumatic emcs. Vbac with forceps with number 2 (he had a massive head). Normal VBAC with number 3. Then have been induced by breaking my waters for the last 5 children. All VBAC. With number 6 nearly ended in emcs due to her being distressed at the speed of the birth (20mins) but in the end it was fine. With number 4 I was induced at 37+2 as I didn’t have enough amniotic fluid. With the others I’ve been induced between 38 + 2 and 40 +1. Can’t comment on the BP issue as I’ve not had a problem since the first. Good luck!!

LadyGregorysToothbrush Wed 12-Sep-18 10:24:59

What are the risks of going past 39w with high blood pressure? Can the risks be managed with monitoring?

That’s exactly what I wished I asked the doctor! I will remember that formulation for my next appointment.

I really hope this baby comes early as well. It’s an active little thing so maybe it’ll just generally be in a rush to get out. I thought I was over the trauma of the first birth, clearly not!

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chloechloe Tue 11-Sep-18 22:10:13

What are the risks of going past 39w with high blood pressure? Can the risks be managed with monitoring? Worth asking to see if a spontaneous delivery is an option.

I’m in Germany and had a VBAC with my second. My local hospital won’t induce after a CS as it increases the risk of your uterus rupturing. Like you say, the RCOG guidelines don’t have a clear position on this point though, other than acknowledging the increased risk.

I’m sorry you’re in this position - between a rock and a hard place! I was in a similar position to you in that I wanted a VBAC but I was advised not to go over my due date due to the placenta failing, and they wouldn’t induce. I cried in my hospital appointment when they wanted to schedule me in for a second CS. As if turned out the baby did me a favour and arrived spontaneously 2 weeks early. I’ll cross my fingers the same happens to you!

LadyGregorysToothbrush Tue 11-Sep-18 19:14:56

I’ve seen quite a few VBAC threads, but looking specifically for VBAC induction advice.

I’m 36+3, and had a hospital appt today where I was told they want me to deliver at 39 weeks because I have high blood pressure.

Last time I had an EMCS at 40+11 after a failed induction and the cliched cascade of interventions. I got to 6cm but failed to progress further.

My hospital have said their policy is to induce VBACs with one round of the pessary and a low dose of the drip. I am very unsure and I think frightened by the prospect of another induction - I almost cried in the appointment. By the same token they have said I can decide to go straight for ELCS if I wish. I have a toddler, no family nearby, and the thought of not being able to lift him during recovery is what is putting me off a section.

So - any experience (positive or negative) of VBAC inductions? Hospital policy seems to vary a lot by trust, and the RCOG guidelines are cagey on this issue.

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