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Success off Sweep

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97Annie97 Fri 07-Sep-18 02:02:46

I had my sweep done on my due date 5/9/2018 at 40 weeks, cervix is soft and am currently 1cm dilated. I lost my mucus plug today 6/9, sorry for details but it was a clear white jelly like substance, not a huge amount but bits throughout the day. Apart from this and a bit off back ache I have had no other signs of labour, no braxton hicks or nothing and she is already past her due date. Any ideas on how long she will be?? I am getting impatient and want her to arrive!!!

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Happygummibear Fri 07-Sep-18 06:01:45

I used clary sage recommended by the midwife before my due date because I was uncomfortable and suffered really bad braxton hicks.

You can get it in Holland and Barrett and either use it with a massage oil and get so someone to do your back and shoulders. Add it neat into the bath water or in a oil burner.... i did all 3.

It brought on my labour but be.warned it can make contractions a little more uncomfortable..... and I am not sure if it was the clary sage or cause she was back to back but my labour stopped twice and took 4 days....

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