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Redbridge East london mums.. Homebirth

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Jessamelb Wed 05-Sep-18 18:31:51

HI there,
I'm in East london, in Wanstead. I'm 25 weeks and with HOmerton who so far are wonderful, I'm very happy there. However I would love a homebirth and have been told I'm out of the catchment for the Homerton homebirth team.
Have any mums in the borough of Redbridge had homebirths? I'd love to hear of your experience, recommendations and who you were with. I like the idea of continuity of care.. the set up with the neighbourhood midwifes in Waltham Forest sounds ideal! is there any thing similar offered in Redbridge?

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The8thMonth Mon 10-Sep-18 09:55:28


In December 2013, I had a home birth with the midwife team at Whipps Cross hospital. There were only 2 or 3 home birth midwives at the time and continuity of care was great.

I transferred to their care at 8 months pregnant as I moved from Tower Hamlets to Wanstead, Redbridge. I went to Whipps Cross hospital and asked for the home birth team. At the time they were based in a small out building away from the maternity and labor ward. I just walked in and told them I was interested. They then made an appointment to see me at my house.

Birth was at home and was great. The rest of my care was done at home and got to know the midwives who would attend birth.

I think I was accepted as I'd already had a very fast straight forward home birth in Tower Hamlets. This was baby 2.

I know that at the time Whipps Cross was not rated very well for maternity and labour. Maybe that has changed since then? In any case, the home birth team felt very separate from the hospital maternity and labor department.

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