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Forceps and episiotomy healing and lump inside vagina

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Singingitoverandoverandover Sun 09-Sep-18 22:32:40

I’m wondering if there is confusion on this thread over lumps inside the vaginal entrance and scar tissue type lumps where stitches end. The op sounds more like some kind of prolapse to me.

smellsofelderberries Fri 07-Sep-18 13:42:24

I was going to say, this sounds like a prolapse to me.

sausagepastapot Thu 06-Sep-18 21:16:08

Sounds like a rectocele to me

ChesterCake Thu 06-Sep-18 21:13:32

Yeah it’s just inside the opening at the bottom if that makes sense.
I popped a stitch during recovery so I think it may be down to that but it’s just a squishy bump. It doesn’t seem to stop DP from ‘entering’ if that’s not too gross. And penetration and also him using his fingers isn’t uncomfortable now.

Sorry if that’s way to much information!

toxitears181 Thu 06-Sep-18 18:02:51

@chestercake is the lump inside the opening of your vagina? I will just be happy to have painless sex

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ChesterCake Thu 06-Sep-18 17:37:26

I dont have pain during sex as I’m ‘ready’ and we don’t rush into it. There’s still a little lump now and I really don’t like the way it looks but have learnt to cope with it

badg3r Tue 04-Sep-18 21:52:30

I have a little tongue from where they stitched me up wink it doesn't hurt at all. I found it took six months or so for things to feel normal again though, it's a slow healing process even when everything looks back to normal.

elQuintoConyo Tue 04-Sep-18 21:50:31

I still have a lump from forceps and tearing. DS is nearly 7yo. I have finally been able to enjoy sex since April this year, until then the pain was excruciating and that is after recorrective surgery. People who asked when (not if, when) we were going to give him a sibling got very short shrift from me!

I tend not to look downstairs anymore.

GiraffeObsessedBaby Tue 04-Sep-18 21:46:35

All of the above at first. It slowly got easier as they went down but it took a good few months. I was referred to a perineum clinic for advice and treatment.

Basically for the pain wear loose fitting cotton breathable clothes. And keep up with anti inflammatory and pain killers. But in the end you're not going to be able to do as much as before until the lump has gone down.

toxitears181 Tue 04-Sep-18 21:43:05

@giraffe pain as in during sex or in everyday life such as sitting down walking etc? Xx and did it effect day to day life?

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GiraffeObsessedBaby Tue 04-Sep-18 21:17:49

It's called over granulation there are treatments. I had 4 large ones and they were going to start treatment but the lumps started to go down on their own. 10 months since having my baby and They've totally gone now.

But if you're having pain please get them checked as there is no reason for you to suffer. That's initially why I got some help

toxitears181 Tue 04-Sep-18 21:13:25

@chestercake does it hurt when having sex and does it ever go and is it at the opening of your vagina inside like a lump x x

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ChesterCake Tue 04-Sep-18 21:07:19

I’ve got the the same from an episiotomy I had in 2012 and I believe it is just scar tissue

toxitears181 Tue 04-Sep-18 21:05:17

Hey everyone so I had a forceps delivery which required an episiotomy and stitches on the ninth of August. As far as healing is going everything feels normal no pain no swelling no soreness and everything looks the same down there again however when I spread my vagina and have a look inside I can see two small red lumps? I had a feel and it felt soft. I'm really confused as to what this could be? Anyone else had this? Ive got another two weeks to go untill my six week check up so waiting untill then to show midwife however all other midwifes that have looked down there have said everything is healing wonderful but I'm confused what am I seeing is it scare tissue?

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