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Contractions - what do they feel like?

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Lyndag Wed 06-Jun-07 19:33:21

So I had my show on Saturday and my waters broke this morning at 5:20am but no contractions....

I have had a bad back since yesterday about 6pm and my tummy tightens but I don't feel any pain or even mild discomfort in fact unless I touch my tummy I'm not aware it is tight iykwim? I'm still feeling plenty of movement with the baby but not sure if the back ache and tummy tightening are contractions if I'm not really feeling them? When walking around I get like a slight cramp feeling but thats it

Can anyone confirm if the backache and tummy tightening are contractions? I've felt no braxton hicks only noticed that my tummy goes tight sometimes.....but again I don't feel it - its only when I touch it I realise.....

Desiderata Wed 06-Jun-07 19:37:18

Well, I think every labour is different, Lyn. My contractions started almost immediately after my waters broke, but it took another 48hrs before I delivered.

But brace yourself, sweetheart. When they really kick in, you'll know.

Or you could be lucky. I hope so .

Just remember your breathing, keep calm, and smile. This is going to be very, very worth it!

lulumama Wed 06-Jun-07 19:38:17

sounds like the start of something, for sure.....

all these painless tightenings are getting the cervix to soften and start to open and nudging baby into a good position...

when they become more painful, regular and noticeable, then you are getting into labour

good luck!

Lyndag Wed 06-Jun-07 19:40:26

Thanks girls I have to goto the Maternity assessment unit tomorrow at 8:30am if nothing happens before then....its the waiting that sucks not that I want the pain iykwim?

coleyboy Wed 06-Jun-07 19:41:13

How exciting, it sounds like things are starting.
Eat and rest now while you can !!
Good luck xx

lulumama Wed 06-Jun-07 19:41:35

try some nipple stimulation, to encourage the contractions, no sex now that your waters have gone, and try a visualisation of the birth you want...

Lyndag Wed 06-Jun-07 19:43:46

midwife at the hospital (2 of them) both said sex is okay don't think I fancy it anyway as constantly leaking iykwim (sorry if tmi)

seamonster Wed 06-Jun-07 19:44:20

Good luck Lyndag. I'll keep popping in and out as I live through you lucky people.
Lulu, you and your nipple/sex fetishes.

coleyboy Wed 06-Jun-07 19:44:52

I know I said rest (!), but I think going for a walk can often bring things on a bit - is this correct Lulumama?

Lyndag Wed 06-Jun-07 19:46:48

we did the long walk today I have up'd the raspberry leaf tea and have a pineapple to eat, we are doing curry tonight as well..... want to avoid induction which will be booked for Fri eve/Sat am.....I can try to bring it on naturally for 72hrs....

seamonster Wed 06-Jun-07 19:49:47

I found stair climbing helped me. (although I found this out by accident as I needed the toilet!)

lulumama Wed 06-Jun-07 19:50:54

well, far be it from me to go against the advice of a midwife...but if your forewaters have gone, sex is not advised, due to risk of infection......

and the NICE guidlines allow 96 hours before induction recommended

but all the things you are doing sound great! and a walk can help , getting baby down into the pelvis....but save some energy for labor

Lyndag Wed 06-Jun-07 19:53:14

Thanks Lulumama I had heard before that sex is not a good idea if your waters have broken so I think I will give it a miss and try anything else!

lulumama Wed 06-Jun-07 19:54:12 natural induction tips here x

Lyndag Wed 06-Jun-07 19:55:50

Thanks Lulumama I'm off to hunt down and try everything

flightattendant Thu 07-Jun-07 06:20:47

I've heard that sometimes back labour isn't very easy to tell, as far as distinguishing the contractions...that's what I was told when I had a false alarm for a couple of days a while back. I was having backache, and a lot of irregular tightenings which did feel like contractions (ie all round) but mainly just a constant ache.

Do you know if baby is in an anterior position, or back to back?

Hope you manage to get it going before they need to induce, Good luck!

whomovedmychocolate Thu 07-Jun-07 06:37:18

Ooh how exciting. My contractions felt like slight backache and I thought I'd pulled something carrying my bag into the hospital (I was overdue). Then later they felt like period pains.

Hold on to this thought: By the end of the weekend you will have a beautiful baby in your arms!

Lyndag Thu 07-Jun-07 10:14:05

Thanks Flightattendent & whomovedmychocolate,

I woke up in pain at 1:30am this morning, (I assume contractions) they were fairly irregular, been to the hospital this morning put on the monitor everything is normal if nothing happens by tomorrow morning 8:30am again back at the hospital for monitoring if nothing has happened by 6pm Fri then they are going to induce me. I'm not sure if they will use the gel then drip or straight to drip I'm hoping things kick of naturally by then.... the contractions have eased off for now *dramatic eye roll*

whomovedmychocolate Thu 07-Jun-07 12:25:45

Flightattendant is in labour so may not see your post!

But that sounds good, keep moving around, you'll get there.

lulumama Thu 07-Jun-07 12:29:30

unlikely to need gel, if your waters have gone, i don; think you can have it anyway...but you might be dilated enough ...and the drip will kickstart things

make sure you stay as upright and mobile as you can...

presuming you don;t go into labour before then !1

mamijacacalys Thu 07-Jun-07 13:58:39

Agree with Desiderata and lulu. They will feel like period pains. You will definitely know when the main event begins!

Good luck

Chocolatepenny Thu 07-Jun-07 14:00:15

MIne were like a back ache and side ache at first (for two days) then period pains developing into a regular pattern.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 07-Jun-07 16:43:45

Lyndag - flightattendant has posted elsewhere that she's still not in active labour so you may get in there first at this rate.

flightattendant Thu 07-Jun-07 16:56:19

Ooh! I Like a good competition!

somebody please have a baby today, it might take my mind off it!!!!

The ladies need something to talk about with their knitting too


whomovedmychocolate Thu 07-Jun-07 17:24:19

FA - I'm not preggy yet but I may still beat you at this rate

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