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Should I refuse my 3rd c section?

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Aries456 Tue 28-Aug-18 12:09:17

In some desperate need of some help before I go mad!
My first baby was EMCS due to failed induction. I was desperate for VBAC with 2nd but she turned breech during labour and I ended up with EMCS#2.
When I met with my consultant this time I was told I pretty much needed to have an elective. I knew I could fight it but tbh i was so scared of another emergency and the disappointment with it that I just decided to do what I was told.
Now at 37 weeks baby is head down and my body is gearing up for labour- which is making me wonder if a section is necessary or best course of action. I plan to contact my consultant but I know they will still press the section route. Trouble is, NHS guidelines etc actually say there is minimal extra risk for VBA2C but there is stuff about increased risk with surgery, like increase risk of damage to bladder etc which has freaked me out a bit.
I guess I am just looking for some impartial advice to help me make my decision.
Btw section is booked for 2 weeks' time, 5 days before my due date.

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Sandstormbrewing Tue 28-Aug-18 12:36:45

Thing is, there's risks with a vaginal birth (I have bladder and anal sphincter damage from mine) but they are harder to predict and less talked about.

The risks of a c section are well known, predictable and the incidences of risk well documented. And, most importantly, are discussed with you - the risks of vaginal labour are not discussed fully.

My v birth was a disaster from start to finish and I'm opting for a section this time. I'd hate an emergency section so would never risk one if it were at all likely.

choccybiscuit Tue 28-Aug-18 13:15:36

I was in exactly the same position as you, third baby I wanted a vba2c. My consultant supported me but my waters broke and I didn't go into labour after 24hours so I had to have another section. The surgeon told me after that my womb was very thin and was very sure it would have ruptured if I had had a vba2c. I'm not saying this will happen to you, but it is more of a risk, especially to baby.

Aries456 Tue 28-Aug-18 13:54:38

Thank you both for responding. Yes i do feel it is more about the 'unknown' risks associated with vaginal birth. So difficult to know what is right. Perhaps best option is to keep appointment and should baby decide to come early and all progresses well then allow for the natural birth...

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greenfooted Tue 28-Aug-18 21:13:24

I am in a very similar position to you, just a few weeks behind. After two emcs I really craved another attempt at a VBAC, would love the idea of not having weeks of recovery and I know it would help with breastfeeding (which was much better with the one child I went into labour with). I’ve met the consultant twice and talked through the detailed risks and likely ability to get this baby out vaginally. After much thought I have chosen an elective c section. What tipped me? I talked through the risk factors and likely ability to deliver and how I would be managed in labour. For me they aren’t just rupture, but also now age, size of babies and fact I never got to pushing stage with either. Neither of the consultants had ever seen a successful VBAC after two sections (although one of their colleagues had achieved it). I also talked through the protocols for labour and my hospital no longer uses mobile
Monitoring so I would be bed bound in labour - which I found horrendous last time (although to be fair the mobile monitoring was a nightmare last time ) I weighed this up with the risks to me and baby, the exhaustion of labour plus another emc and an elective is the right call for me. There will probably always be a part of me that wonders but really talking it through with the consultant helped - can you ask your midwife to organise another appointment in the next week or so

Mixedupmummy Tue 28-Aug-18 21:37:38

just wanted to share my experience with you and I hope it helps. I've had 2 emcs with dd1&2 who are 6 & 2.5. i have a 6 month old ds who was delivered via a planned cs. I was dreading it. I'd have loved to have a natural delivery. i was in early labour for a week before my booked in date and kept hoping I'd go into labour and have my baby naturally. vba2c wasnt even discussed with me. both my emcs were very traumatic and the doctors all thought another emcs would be very dangerous.

anyway a planned cs is a COMPLETELY different experience. it was calm and unhurried. everyone spoke to me and discussed my concerns & reassured me. they all knew my history. its nice to remember my baby being born and I was able to hold him immediately unlike with the other 2. they even did delayed cord clamping! also recovery from planned was much easier even though it was 3rd time. I wasn't as anemic or tired. bf was fine. milk came in day 2! I think my body knew what it was doing on that front it being 3rd time round.

I'm not sure anything I say will make you feel better and accept if you have to have one but honestly you'll be fine. I've surprised myself by looking back on the whole experience quite positively.

Fwend Tue 28-Aug-18 21:45:24

I laboured for 3 days (kept getting turned away from the hospital as wasn't dilating properly) and it ended in a crash section as my scar ruptured and they lost the baby's heartbeat.

Take the elective; they're lovely.

jammydodgersplease Tue 28-Aug-18 22:04:04

Just wanted to offer my tuppence-
First section ‘planned’ due to breach (at 41 weeks after attempts to turn baby failed)
Second emergency after attempting VBAC with induction
I was so emotional at my consultant appointment for number three- desperately thinking I wanted them to allow another VBAC attempt. Consultant was pretty clear that recommendation was planned section- was willing to discuss VBAC options but I could tell it was not what she felt was best.
I cried so much on return from that appointment and didn’t tell anyone my section date (aside from husband and friend who picked others up from school) - I was so anxious about it.
It was such a completely different experience to the previous two. Everyone around me was relaxed, talked me through everything before during and after, everyone in surgery was so joyous and it felt so much more optimistic than the anxious hurried EMCS approach.
I have no idea of your medical history or personal risk factors (mine were quite high due to blood loss with first). My only real point is the difference in feel and experience with the planned c-section.
I had secret hopes that my body would naturally labour early - but I didn’t.
Oh, and recovery was again, much better with the planned section, much much quicker.
Good Luck with whatever you decide (or whatever your body does!!)

Aries456 Wed 29-Aug-18 06:59:54

Thank you ladies, it really has been a big help listen to you all. I have contacted my consultant who has been brilliant and given me all stats he can and has said he will support me with a vbac if that is what I want. However, listening to him (and your experiences) plus 3 or more if my friends who have had electives I think I will stick with it and should I go into labour naturally first I will attempt a VBAC as it will be an emergency c section at that point anyway. At 70% success rate I guess I can giving myself a 30% chance of another emergency, which is the thing I hope to avoid.
@fwned, was baby ok the end? Sounds very scary x

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Aries456 Wed 29-Aug-18 07:04:34

And yes @greenfooted I have never got anywhere near pushing stage which is against me - as you are just behind me i will update you! and @jammydodger i have been hoping i go into labour early too... but have been having signs for a couple of weeks on and off which has put all this in my head. Thanks @mixedupmummy, good to hear positive stories x

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ingenvillvetavardukoptdintroja Wed 29-Aug-18 07:06:49

I had a planned section 2 weeks ago - it is very different to an emergency one. I'm feeling pretty much back to normal - just can't lift my heavy 3 year old or drive but took both children out by myself for a mile walk yesterday (baby in sling). No trouble breastfeeding either. Deciding factor for me was after my EMCS my first was in special care for 4 weeks. I really wanted to take the baby home this time.
I had a wonderful experience having no 2, it was almost like going for a pedicure in that everyone was relaxed and friendly and had time to go through everything with me. Whatever you decide I hope it goes well

Mixedupmummy Wed 29-Aug-18 18:48:03

thanks for the update Aries.
funny/strange how a few of us want/wanted to go in labour. there must be some psychology behind that. at the time I thought I was being crazy and very unreasonable!

Fwend Wed 29-Aug-18 19:12:26


Yes, he was fine thankfully! I'm missing some of my insides though as a result of the snatch and grab nature of the section. No more babies for me!

Aries456 Thu 30-Aug-18 21:21:24

@fwend, so relieved to hear your little one was alright. Sorry to hear the result for you, I hope you take some comfort from your little boy.
@mixedupmummy, so many female friends (some who who have had electives, some who dint hsve children) couldn't believe I tried for a VBAC with my 2nd and are in disbelief that I would prefer to go into labour naturally! Must be an instinct (plus the fact that I have not liked my 2 EMCS!!)

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PaulDacreRimsGeese Tue 04-Sep-18 20:26:21

I'd go for the NICE guidelines rather than the NHS ones. There are risks to whichever option you choose, it's simply a question of choosing which are more acceptable to you. Having had two previous EMCS your circumstances are non-standard so your risk benefit calculation will also be particularly individual. Good luck.

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