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Home birth

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Corbby1 Tue 21-Aug-18 12:21:11

Morning all, I am (hopefully) having a planned home birth with my second due this year. My DD was born at home, it wasn't planned but was a decision I made in the end, and it was wonderful to stay in familiar, more relaxed settings.
I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for creating a relaxing (as much as poss!) and calming environment at home please? Thanks!

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OhBergine Tue 21-Aug-18 12:31:56

I had a homebirth a couple of weeks ago (also my second DC). We hired a birth pool which I couldn't have done it without. I gave birth at night so it was dark with just candlelight. Had calming music on speakers.

Think about where you will labour and make sure it's protected from mess. My sofa was covered in an oilcloth table cloth (don't be tempted to use cheap shower curtains like some people advise - they're only shower proof and not always waterproof!!) with incontinence pads and old towels everywhere. So I wasn't worried about a mess.

Also, make sure the midwifes hang around long enough to see you have a shower/get in bed. Mine left too quickly and I ended up fainting in the shower.

Corbby1 Tue 21-Aug-18 12:39:16

Congratulations! I can't decide on birthing pool but may look into it if it was really helpful. I also can't decide between bedroom and lounge but lounge has hard floor so probably better to clean!
Oh you poor thing! I fainted in the shower too but luckily my MW had waited and she grabbed me out.
Thanks so much for the advice xx

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lambdroid Tue 21-Aug-18 17:56:46

I had my first at home. We had a tarpaulin on the floor in the dining room as it seemed the most practical to get to our downstairs bathroom, and a pool too.

I was fairly confident I’d want to stay in the pool, so didn’t really bother setting up any alternatives. I had old towels and blankets ready though, and a waterproof sheet over the bed.

I also had music, dim lighting and a fan as it was June. Didn’t really need much else!

Corbby1 Wed 22-Aug-18 11:03:44

@lambdroid were you in another room until you got closer to giving birth? Just wondering about comfort. Our lounge is hard floor but I guess I could be on the sofa. So many decisions smile Thanks for your advice x

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lambdroid Wed 22-Aug-18 16:37:24

I used the birthing ball for the very early part (living room) but when things got going more, the only way I could cope was standing up.

I actually spent most of 2cm-6cm (when the midwife got to us) in my galley kitchen with one hand on each counter. I popped into the bath a few times, and finally got into the pool at 6cm and stayed there. My feet hurt so much by that point as been in labour for about 29 hours so the pool was amazing at taking the weight off.

I did get out a few times for a wee, and almost had to get out twice when things slowed down, but luckily managed to get them going by changing position.

lambdroid Wed 22-Aug-18 16:40:02

Possibly worth mentioning that my waters didn’t go until I’d been pushing for a while, so I didn’t have any leaking to deal with. There was the plug, but that only came out for me in the bath and the pool.

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