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Is labour easier the second time around?

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Emma1416 Mon 20-Aug-18 14:52:05

I'm currently 21 weeks and LOVE reading labour stories!! Is it easier the second time around? Post your labour stories below!☺️

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Purplestorm83 Fri 24-Aug-18 05:36:07

Most people will tell you it is, but in my case it wasn’t - just putting it out there as my first labour was fairly quick and easy so I was expecting an even quicker and easier time the second time - but the second time I had stop/start labour for days and a longer active phase - probably because my first daughter was 7lb7 and my second turned out to be 9lb3 😱

Laureline Fri 24-Aug-18 06:23:01

My first labour was a horrible experience for me (failed epidural, long, IVs incorrectly set which made my arms balloon like hams, big baby).
It basically took me 8 years to get over it and have another child.

I just gave birth to DD2 5 days ago, and it went fantastically well. Again, vaginal birth, but this time three pushes, and she was out! She was same weight as her big sister (3.8kgs). Epidurals are a wonderful invention, and it really helped to have one this time wink

The hospital staff were lovely also, which was a big change compared to my prior experience (I gave birth to DD1 in Paris, DD2 in Lisbon).

Also for this pregnancy I was fanatical about going to the gym twice a week (until week 39), 10 000 steps a day, saw my osteopath every week until week 40, careful around weight gain etc. Don’t know if it helped but certainly didn’t hurt.

CheshireSplat Fri 24-Aug-18 06:32:46

Once I got started, my second labour was quicker - only 1 hour in hospital until she was born - but it bloody hurt!!! What also made it easier was I knew how to push which I didn't first time round, so I was pushing for 4 hours first time.

The early stages weren't any quicker. I was having fairly gentle contractions through the night and all day. Managed to run the craft event at playgroup whilst pausing every couple of minutes while a contraction came and went. Was well chuffed with myself!

ItsalmostSummer Fri 24-Aug-18 06:34:38

Yes for me it was (not for everyone though). Third time = no.

butterfly359 Fri 24-Aug-18 07:03:36

I think it depends on the persons op, My labours (3) got longer each time. I had a quick labour the first time 1&1/2 hours my second was the hardest as baby was back to back but still only 3 hours and my third was 4 hours and baby had the cord round her neck. X

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