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Anyone up for a live labour thread?

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fourplusonemore Mon 20-Aug-18 01:13:00

Currently 4cm, waters have broken and on the gas and air with DC3 at 37+5 weeks!

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vanillasky1001 Mon 20-Aug-18 01:15:07

You go girl flowers

DramaAlpaca Mon 20-Aug-18 01:16:52

Ooh, good luck! How exciting. I'm off to bed in a minute but I shall look forward to an update in the morning.

fourplusonemore Mon 20-Aug-18 01:27:59

Currently puffing away on the gas and air while DH is out grabbing stuff from home. I'm ages away from giving birth but I still want him back ASAP 😂

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CatchingBabies Mon 20-Aug-18 01:34:54

What number baby is this?
Hope all is going well x

WobbleTime Mon 20-Aug-18 01:37:08

Oh good luck! Hope all goes well and quickly! flowers

fourplusonemore Mon 20-Aug-18 01:37:16


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Blissfulignorance Mon 20-Aug-18 01:37:37

38+1 here, awake with insomnia, very jealous of your situation.

All the best! How very exciting, when did you realise it was time?

fourplusonemore Mon 20-Aug-18 01:40:30

Contractions 5 minutes apart but no real pain for over two hours. Got to MAU for a look and I was 4cm! Straight down to the delivery unit to break my waters and an hour on from my waters breaking, I'm sucking on gas grin

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delphguelph Mon 20-Aug-18 01:43:17

Go go go!

Is your DH back yet

speakfriendandenter Mon 20-Aug-18 02:08:01

Hope you're enjoying the lovely gas & air & all is going well 👍🏻

DeadDoorpost Mon 20-Aug-18 02:20:52

I wish I'd had gas and air at 4cm... didnt get it until 9cm when I arrived at the hospital because none of the midwives believed I could be so far along with irregular contractions...

Good luck!

fourplusonemore Mon 20-Aug-18 02:48:00

He's back! This labour is not going as fast as I'd hoped hmm

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Stilllivinginazoo Mon 20-Aug-18 02:54:57

Oh,I love a live birth thread
How old are your other DC?

FallenAngel89 Mon 20-Aug-18 02:59:20

Currently sat awake in hospital with my newborn DS, had him at 7am yesterday after 9 very long hours of labour (38+5) Hope everything goes great for you OP! Good luck flowers

fourplusonemore Mon 20-Aug-18 04:05:32

DC are 11 and 8.

Just had an epidural due to back labour although it doesn't seem to have bloody done anything for the back pain, just the front pain! 🙄

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lozengeoflove Mon 20-Aug-18 04:41:53

Ooooooh how exciting OP. Stay strong. Baby on the way eeeek.

Filzma Mon 20-Aug-18 04:45:41

Ooh i love this. Back pain still bad? Is baby back to back?
Wish you all the best OP!!

Stilllivinginazoo Mon 20-Aug-18 04:57:20

Aw,I bet they existed about a new brother or sister!
Is it a back to back labour or just pains all in back?do you know what you are having?a baby obvs,but gender)

rainbowstardrops Mon 20-Aug-18 05:08:26

How exciting! Good luck

LostMyBaubles Mon 20-Aug-18 05:10:19

Ooo good luck!
Im currently up bouncing on a ball
In hosp being induced!

KathyBates Mon 20-Aug-18 05:46:13

Oohhh good luck! Currently 39+6 with zero signs baby is about to make an appearance!!!

FiveMoreMinutesPlease Mon 20-Aug-18 05:51:07

Exciting! Good luck OP. Hope it all goes well.

GimbleInTheWabe Mon 20-Aug-18 08:55:41

Any news yet OP? smile

3girlmama Mon 20-Aug-18 08:59:27

Oh I love this thread!!!! Any news?? Xxx

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