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How engaged does baby have to be for s&s?

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brads88 Thu 16-Aug-18 11:57:02

Hi all!

Does anyone know how engaged baby's head has to be before the Midwife's are able to do a stretch and sweep?
I'm 37w tomorrow and my consultant has said that I can have s&s from 38w (as I'm trying to avoid a second c section!) Saw the midwife yesterday and she said baby is currently 4/5 engaged so wouldnt be able to do the s&s next week if baby didn't come down further as there would be a risk that my waters would break and the cord could slip out...

Needless to say I will be spending a lot of time sat on my birthing ball between now and next Friday!

Thanks in advance!

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DeadDoorpost Mon 20-Aug-18 02:25:24

I think I was 3/5 engaged when I had mine. It was 8.5 months ago though and I wasn't paying attention because I was so tired. May have been 2/5 engaged.

Either way I didn't have contractions start for another 6 days...

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