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Third day of early labour

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Springtimeflowers Thu 09-Aug-18 05:54:16

I am 38 weeks pregnant with baby number two, and now onto my third day of early labour.

I am so tired; physically, mentally and emotionally. Everything starts to pick up with stronger contractions close together, then seem to slow down again. The past three days my contractions have always been at least 5 mins apart, and for a few hours last night were only 2 mins apart.

I have had a show, but my waters haven't broken yet. I am resting; while still spending lots of time on my birthing ball, have taken a walk, and am smelling Clary sage essential oil.

Have any others experienced long early labours likes this, and did you find anything that helps?

Springtimeflowers Thu 09-Aug-18 06:20:00

I've just realised - that this afternoon it's actually four days since early labour began.

I'm due to have a homebirth, and last saw midwives on Tuesday morning who confirmed it was early labour.

katmarie Thu 09-Aug-18 06:26:03

I was in early labour for a good three days. On the third day I went to the mlu begging for help as I was shattered. It turned out that my bladder was full and not emptying, and that was stopping the baby's head from making contact with the cervix to naturally progress the labour. I had the show but no waters breaking too. In the end they put in a catheter and broke my waters for me and my ds was born 12 hours later.

You have my sympathies, it's hard work. I spent a lot of time in warm baths, that seemed to help.

Springtimeflowers Thu 09-Aug-18 06:31:23

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.

I have never heard of that before, but I have to visit the midwife later on this morning for a routine check, so will see what she says and recommends.

As I am only 38 weeks though, I feel doubtful they will be able to do much to help me. I'm also worried that dh will end up using all of his paternity leave before the baby even arrives, and my mil (who is helping with DD) will have to go home soon.

Susikettu Thu 09-Aug-18 13:37:49

Do you know what position the baby is in? Mine was back to back and she wasnt in the right position so my wters didnt break om theor own so her head didnt apply pressure to the cervix so i didnt get past 5cm on my own.

birdladyfromhomealone Thu 09-Aug-18 21:31:10

Have a look at Spinning babies and abdominal lift to see if you can get baby in a better position.
Once you are in established labour it will be quick as your body is doing lots of prep now. good luck

katmarie Sat 11-Aug-18 19:29:16

Hi @Springtimeflowers hope you're doing well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you have your lovely squishy baby in arms now x

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