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Has anyone had Pelvic girdle pain continue after birth

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Elephantgrey Wed 08-Aug-18 14:51:02

My beautiful baby is 12 weeks old. I have hypermobility syndrome and had PGP in the pregnancy.

I requested an elective caesarean but ended up having a natural birth. I had to give birth in a position that was really bad for my hips and then had stirrups for my stitches.

I have always had some problems with my hips but I don't think they have got back to normal after having the baby.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Was there any treatment that worked?

chewbacca83 Wed 08-Aug-18 19:11:03

Ask to be referred to a specialist physio. You will need to build your core and pelvic floor back up. A physio can help. Congrats on your baby 💐

Elephantgrey Thu 09-Aug-18 21:59:34

Thank you. I saw a woman health physio in pregnancy I have been re referred but it is taking so long to hear from them.

lozengeoflove Sat 11-Aug-18 11:41:14

I did, for months! In the end I saw an osteopath, and this helped.
It’s bloody painful isn’t it sad

Bowlofbabelfish Tue 14-Aug-18 06:25:58

Yes. I had bad spd, was told it’d be fine. Ten months later it wasn’t and I was still being fobbed off.

It can be treated - you need a combination of someone who can physically manipulate and then excercise to strengthen. If the physio only gives you excercises it’s unlikely to help.

Look on the pelvic partnership website for a list of practitioners near you. A very good osteopath crunched my pelvis back in two sessions. Best 150 quid I spent that year...

Elephantgrey Wed 15-Aug-18 21:37:53

Thank you. I was only given exercises and a support belt and that was before birth. I will see if I can get someone who can do some manipulation. It is getting worse.

I now have an appointment for NHS physio but not for a month. I am not sure if they can do manipulation but I hope so.

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