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Labial graze

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SomebodysNotInBedYet Tue 07-Aug-18 00:01:10

DD was a straightforward vaginal birth. No perineal tearing but a big graze to my labia. I'm 32 weeks pregnant with dc2 and I'm dreading it happening again. I had thought I was prepared last time, jug of warm water to pour over myself at the loo etc but it was so 'open' that the water touching it was agony. I remember nearly passing out when I went for a shower and the water touching it and DP running through to see what the scream was. Is there anything I can do this time round? Can I ask them to stitch it closed? I can't remember how long it took to heal, I must have blanked it out after a while. I have witch hazel which I bought to try and soothe vulval variscosities but it gave me terrible thrush so I'm reluctant to use it down there again!

SixFeetUnder Tue 07-Aug-18 00:03:30

I didn't have a labial graze but to help heal my episiotomy I bought arnica tablets and I feel they helped with the bruising. Hopefully you won't have the same issues this time, my two births were like night and day so try not to worry too much about the same happening again.

lambdroid Tue 07-Aug-18 06:57:38

I had two labial grazes. Small, but as they were opposite each other, my midwife stitched them to stop them sticking together (nice).

I was advised to air myself for 15 minutes a day, which seemed to help. A friend also bought me one of those ‘under there care’ type tinctures which you add to water and soak a pad in, which I combined with the airing ritual!

Can’t remember how long they took to heal, but it didn’t feel like too long.

Charlottejade89 Wed 08-Aug-18 09:20:16

I had a few grazes that are just about healed now 2 weeks birth, I haven't done anything specific but used a big of water to put down myself in hospital when I peed, used a cold wet flannel to clean myself after and cool the area down, and keep hydrated so when you do pee, it's more diluted. the step her your urine is when you pee the more it stings x

Emmafh3 Sat 11-Aug-18 21:56:03

I had a small one, was advised to use a bottle of like warm water to rinse after weeing if I needed to and a cold flannel for pain.
I think like others have said, airing is important. I refused to use any of the commercial sanitary towels as all the plastic makes me feel sweaty and gross, so used folded up muslin cloths (was cloth nappying anyway and had loads spare+cheap! ) would much advise, but even though can be bulky, much more airated!
And I drank lots of water so peeing was like water itself. So in the end didn't need to use any sort of compress or big rinses.

It may or may not happen again, but in the end your body will do what it needs to!

NotTakenUsername Tue 21-Aug-18 19:51:41

I found salt water baths was when I turned a corner with my “just some grazing”.

You have my absolute sympathy, extremely painful. I nearly passed out when I went to the loo - used to pee through a cold water soaked flannel applied with pressure while crying.

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