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Worried about labour with 3rd baby and shoulder dysocia risk

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Vampyress Mon 06-Aug-18 02:13:27

Hi ladies,

I am due in 4 days with my 3rd DS and feel a bit worried after speaking to my midwife. Both my previous ds were late, my first my 2 weeks and my second my one. Due to both boys passing meconium in their waters I was induced each time. My eldest had to stay in hospital for a week due to inhaling some meconium but my youngest was absolutely fine and we were discharged the next day. I had no tears nor interventions with either labour, in fact I was able to wee after my second (9lbs 2oz) within an hour of being cleared to walk and it was no less comfortable than if I had a bit of a yeast infection.

This baby is significantly larger than my second ds however, beyond the scans showing him in the 95th percentile for abdomen, head and legs, due to him seperating my abdomen muscles I can feel his size quite clearly and when he moves I feel like he is tearing me apart (that's ignoring bump size which is vastly larger than my youngest who is now 15 months old).. The midwife is fairly confident he will be at least 10lbs and seemed very surprised I wasn't offered a cesarean as she is worried about shoulder dystocia.

My husband thinks I don't need to worry, given how close this baby is to his big brother and how easily I dealt with labour with a 9lb+ baby but after researching shoulder dystocia I am feeling quite scared (godamn google). I know it's quite rare but obviously very serious and I guess I would appreciate other mummies perspectives/reassurances.

heartsease68 Mon 06-Aug-18 03:04:02

This is a tricky one. I think you need to put your fears before a consultant.

Vampyress Mon 06-Aug-18 03:15:28

I did speak to my consultant as with my history of larger overdue babies passing meconium I didn't want to go overdue if at all possible. He refused to allow me a sweep at 39 weeks as I didn't need it and even refused to book an induction date for if I did go overdue (I shouldnt worry i wouldnt need it againhmm) resulting in the midwife stepping in as I became quite distressed after pointing out no less than 4 times I needed an appointment to get induced if baby was late. She ended up shoving the appointment form under his nose and told him he did indeed need to book me in. Unfortunately I won't see a consultant again before baby is born but will speak to my midwife on thursday for advice.

AnMum Mon 06-Aug-18 08:46:12

Don’t really have advice but just to say I’m in a similar boat. First baby over 9lb, second over 10. Due this week, measuring a week and a half over dates and haven’t had a growth scan. Midwife adamant don’t need inducing either. So I’m just left getting more stressed with every day that it doesn’t arrive about how big it will be, risk of getting stuck and risk of damage to my body. Having said all that, she did show me stats that shoulder dystocia is no more likely in bigger babies...

Vampyress Mon 06-Aug-18 13:19:19

@AnMum yea I am measuring 3 weeks over dates and know exactly how you are feeling, got myself some raspberry leaf tea capsules on midwifes advice in the hopes that when this wee man does decide to make an appearance that the labour will at least progress faster, using every old wives tale too but apparently my belly is just too cosy lol. Wishing you a smooth and safe delivery when munchkin makes their appearance flowers

heartsease68 Mon 06-Aug-18 13:39:24

I think you should be offered early induction.

In some other countries a big baby is automatic grounds for a planned c section. I have personal experience of a stuck shoulder and that was when the baby was already being induced a week early to avoid problems! It wasn't early enough.

Dreamingofkfc Mon 06-Aug-18 13:52:04

I'd be careful with early induction - induction itself can contribute to shoulder dystocia

Vampyress Mon 06-Aug-18 14:18:41

I might not get a choice sadly about induction as so far I have a 100% track record for needing to be induced due to meconium which can case major problems if baby doesn't come out quickly enough. My labour with my first was over 30 hours and he inhaled it and was in hospital for a week on antibiotics, my youngest was 8 hours and with no exhaggeration he literally sprayed everyone in the room with it, my delivering midwife had it on her forehead blush. He didn't inhale any though thankfully so we didn't need to stay in hospital.

I am sure it will work out fine, 2 inductions and 2 9lb babies and no major complications, maybe I am worried I have got off too lightly thus far maybe, plus this boy is a bloody behemoth and I am slightly nervous I will be left with a canyon down there lol.

heartsease68 Mon 06-Aug-18 14:20:15

You really shouldn't let them allow you to go overdue if the baby is very big, OP.

kaytees Mon 06-Aug-18 14:38:02

Hi OP- amazed your consultant hasn't been more amenable, you definitely sound like a candidate for an early induction etc. I guess if you didn't tear with either of your previous babies they are assuming you'll be fine with this one, but I'm sorry you're not having your concerns heard.

Came on to say I had shoulder dystocia with my first (9 pounds 3) and with a nasty tear too it wasn't a fast recovery but I think the tear caused more trouble than the dystocia, if that alleviates any worry at all!

Vampyress Mon 06-Aug-18 15:30:42

@Kaytees that does offer me some reassurance so thank you flowers. I don't care if they have to cut me to my knees so long as they don't try and yank on his head in any way xx

AnMum Sat 11-Aug-18 11:29:07

Vampyress, just thought I’d let you know that i had my little boy a few days ago. Just over 11lb and born naturally with gas and air, no problems with him getting stuck. Wasn’t the most pleasant experience but we all survived!!!

Vampyress Sat 11-Aug-18 13:54:53

Aww @AnMum congratulations on your son and I am so glad you had a safe delivery. Thank you so much for letting me know that delivering such a big boy is still possible to do safely, you really are a super woman! star

LostMyBaubles Sat 11-Aug-18 13:58:13

I was just about to tell you how im being induced at 37+3 due to baby size!

Congratulations! flowers

Vampyress Mon 20-Aug-18 04:02:07

Baby was born on Friday weighing a pretty impressive 10lbs 14oz after being induced. He was born vaginally with only an epidural and although it took an hour of pushing and two different positions he was born safetly and I only had a very very minor graze inside shock! I got to cut his cord which was so incredible too.

Thank you all for your support and reassurance xxx

kaytees Mon 20-Aug-18 12:44:13

Congratulations @Vampyress - that's an amazing outcome! Enjoy this time with your lovely newborn x

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